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I guess that as you are on this page, that Stampin' Up! has sparked an interest and you would like to know more, or you have simply hit the button that say "get 20% off".  So, here is some information on how you can join me and the world of Stampin' Up! become a demo yourself and get that 20% off your own purchases.

To sign up as a demo, you need to do so through another Demo who becomes your upline.  SU has grown considerably in the UK and there are lots of us and you don't necessarily have to sign up with me, but I would love for you to be part of my SU family, "The Rosettes".  As a crafter (since I don't know when, I guess when I was given glue and paper!) and also scrapbooker, I love to share my past time with other like minded people.  I love papercrafts, and Stampin' Up! provide lots of product and also ideas.  If you choose to sign up with me, then I will support you whether you decide to be a hobby demo - sign up for the discounts - or for making this a successful business for yourself.

When you join my team, you get my support and that of the UK support team.  You can contact the support team by email or phone.  As a Demo, you have access to the demonstrator website, where you can order and also access resources as you need them, such as the template library.  You receive a regular demo magazine, can attend local field training events and if you want to, take part in the incentive program for both income and awards.

Can you make any money?
Well the answer to this is yes you can but it does depend on how much you want to put into it.  As your customers pay you directly, you keep 20% of the order placed, this is your 'instant' income.  You can earn more though volume rebates, these are achieved when your monthly sales are £200 and above.  If you want to build a team as well, you can earn monthly downline overrides as well.

Minimum sales requirements
There are, of course, sales requirements when you want to be a demo yourself.  To receive the benefits you need to sell a minimum of £270 per three months (£270 at the catalogue prices).  Your first quarter doesn't start until the following quarter that you join.  For example, if you join on 1 October you have until 31 March to reach your target.

Do I have to buy in products before selling them?
No.  You order the products once you receive an order and it is a requirement that your customers pay you before you order so you don't have to chase for payment.

Do I have to hold workshops/parties?
It is up to you, if you want to hold parties and workshops that it up to you.  You can put in your own orders and collect them from friends and family.

Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?
No again, it you want to build a team that is up to you, although it is a perk, it is also a responsibility as you will need to support your team so they can achieve their goals as well.

What does it cost?
The starter kit is your only outlay and just £99 and you choose what you want in your kit.  All you need to do to customise your kit is to choose products from the main catalogue up to the value of £130 (the demo starter pack valued at £45 is included for free).  You also get free shipping, how good a deal is this and it makes it easier for your to start up as a demo.  SU have even come up with ideas on what to put in your starter kit, email me if you want to get started.

Click here to download the pdf file for an idea on how you can customise your starter kit.  The application form for you to become a demo is now available online.  Click here to sign up.  The form takes you through to where you get to choose what you want in your starter kit.  I suggest you make a list of what you want included so you have it ready to enter into the system.

Are there incentives?
In your first six months of sales and recruiting you can earn free stamp sets. If you place an order of £150 or more during your first 45 days of signing up, you receive a 30% instant income.  You can be your own hostess and earn free hostess sets and products on your personal orders and those you collect.  There is more, you can work to achieve the annual incentive trip, these are expenses paid trips and Stampin' Up! gives you lots of opportunities to achieve the trips.

What if it isn't for me?
If you decide that Stampin' Up! isn't for you, or if you don't meet the minimum quarterly requirement, you can simply 'resign', there are no questions or hard sell to get you to stay. 
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