Wednesday, 22 May 2013

If you haven't rebookmarked you might have missed it!

... the awaited online shopping portal has arrived to UK Stampin' Up! demonstrators. So, you can now shop to your heart's content via my online portal at whatever time of the day you like :)
It is easy to use and you can also earn yourself some stampin' rewards online as well. Stampin' rewards are freebies you can get when you order a certain amount.

Stampin' Up! EsElleK online store 
You can buy everything from punches to paper, ribbons and glue! Just by a simple click and off you go, one shopping spree sorted.


Cracked it, it's gone, freeeeedom, well until September.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 20.16.59

This is what has been part of my life since last September: Six TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) and I have sent the EMA (End of Module Assessment) into the ether this evening. I have read... The Ghost Road, Pat Barker (EMA choice) Paradise, Abdul Gurnah (EMA choice) Waiting for Godot + the film - Samuel Beckett Brechts, Galileo Sunset Song, Lewis Grassic Gibbon Selected Stories (Ma Parker), Katherine Mansfield Five Plays (The Cherry Orchard), Anton Chekhov Rebecca, Du Maurier (didn't get to read it but will) Prufrock & other observations, T S Eliot Howl, Ginsberg Do Androids dream of electric sheep? Philip Dick Tried but failed: Kiss of the Spider Woman, Manuel Puig Orlando, Virginial Woolf New Selected Poems, Seamus Heaney So that is the Open University A300 20th Century Literature: texts and debates for you. And so I am left with these! Some are being kept as I will re-read them for pleasure next time around and try not to pull every page apart with dissecting the meaning and literary content.
Of course, seeing I have more to do in order to get the degree I have signed up for EA300 ;) And these are a couple of my new reading books, will have a break before I start reading although I might feel the pain of not having to study (does that happen) and get stuck into them :)


Just to update a bit of the earlier post above...

This means I have updated the How to Buy page and also the linkie-dinkie is now over on the left of the page so you can simply hit that and shop.

I'm off to vegetablise the first time in weeks where I can do just that and play bejeweled blitz or some other don't need a brain activity :) I might even download a Pou to keep me entertained on the iPad. Join Brian and Genny, don't want to be left out after all eh ;) Sad I know, but after 9 months of 20th century literature, I think I need something simple!

Now, if you haven't re-bookmarked, don't delay do it today! is where you need to be :)

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