Thursday, 25 April 2013

Y not make them plain and simple?

Today has been a so-so day, I'm in a plain and simple mood which I think is just the sign of the energy level being somewhat low!  So these cards, well my plan is to actually use them as notelets, are just that, plain and simple.  I've used the pennant punch and elegant  butterfly punch, glue and a staple and scraps from the scrap box!  They're just tiny in that they are just 3" square.

20130425_153118 20130425_153132

I think Sheila is also under the weather again, I've given her an upchuck as she gets the sour crop.  But, despite being under the weather, rather than getting out of the egglu this morning she went and settled down next to Clover (who has to be kicked out of the egglu on a regular basis as she is broody).  Well, I bet Sheila was well and truly happy after her egg was laid!  Having her egg next to Clover's just wasn't giving a good enough idea of how huge it is, so here it is next to a bag (still full!) of Galaxy Counters!


In between naps, also found myself on a website (shopping!) and seen some really funky stuff.  Well, this is a case of don't need it but want it!  It's in a shop in Norfolk, called TotallY FunkY - 'Y's are just me making the most of it being 'Y' day today ;)  My pinterest board might be a bit weighed down with all the cool stuff I found :)


Seeing we are now on 'Y', I thought Yttrium, so here is just a small snippet.  Do you like TV and also where you have LEDs you will find yttrium as it has an important use as it makes the phosphors, in this case red ones!  You can find it in the solar system too as Yttrium is created though stellar nucleosynthesis, this is where a star goes kaboom and when it does go bang it creates elements.

If you have a moment of boredom, head over to Youtube and the Openlearn site, there is lots of fun stuff to watch and get those brain cells going too :)

Have fun!
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