Monday, 22 April 2013

Vestigial, Venus and Volunteering, oh and making stuff

Off to the docs tomorrow morning, I didn't make a whole day at work today and the voice has packed up yet again, ears are also off, again, and having felt a bit better, feel as bad as I did at the beginning of this lurgie!  If anyone wants it, it is free to a good home.  So I have vegetablised and as I had some of this post in progress just finishing it off for you.  If you have been here before, hello, and if you are visiting for the first time, hello and welcome. I am taking part in the ultimate blog challenge and have so far done a post every day for April, here we are at the 22nd already and I have also tied in a bit of a-z and we are now at v, not sure when we get to gone z, will have to think of something!

Here's a card hot off the press so to speak as I have finished it this evening.  Hope you like it, I have a bit of a thing for this hearts a flutter framelit set so sorry if you feel bombarded with it.  It does have a stamp set to go with it but I have been having fun cutting out the shapes in pretty paper.  I don't know if you can see it in the picture, I've also give it a bit of a smooch with the spritz :)


White tea lace paper doilies - 129399 £2.75
Smooch spritz in vanilla shimmer  - £4.50
Hearts a flutter framelits 130159 £20.95
Linen thread 104199 £3.95
Scallop trim border punch 118402 £14,25

I'm waiting for this set to arrive, I'll be making some cards using this set for father's day to take to the forthcoming craft fair :)  It's quite a snazzy set, don't you think?

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 18.12.29

Dapper Dad - 129198 £13.95 (also available in wood mount)


I thought I would throw this one into the pot.  It is in fact due to my ears that it has entered today's blog post!  So, ears, these have vestigial structures that have lost their original function, these are the muscles, we don't need our ears to move as much as other mammals etc!


Did you see the transition of Venus that happened last year in June?  It was amazing and not to be repeated again for a long time, 2117 in fact.  Space is one of my other fascinations and seeing Venus going in front of the sun and seeing how tiny it is just puts things into perspective.  NASA is one of the websites in my bookmarks :)


This plays a part in the family.  Brian is a Pilot Officer in the RAF VR(T) and so heads off to Air Cadets on a regular basis, and out and about with them doing all kinds of cool things.  For me, I am a Guide Guider.  It was one of those things, went to help at a local unit and ended up going in to uniform.  Genny comes along as well and is currently doing her Baden Powell award.  She will be off to Air Cadets though come September.  I've done some cool things as well and it is great to see the girls' smiles and joy when we do these things.  I took some Guides down to London last year to our HQ at ICANDO which is a short walk from Buckingham Palace. We had our packed lunch just outside.  The girls did some activities in the HQ and despite a long day, it was well worth it.


New statue of John Donne


Snow tubing has been great fun, watching the girls (and hearing the screams) as they hurtle down a ski slope in a rubber tyre, Genny has done this twice now through Guides.  And a weekend was spent in Leicestershire where the girls did all sorts of things, abseiling, high ropes, falling in water and getting wet, quad biking.



Hope you have enjoyed today's post, do leave a comment, I love reading them :)

May the crafting mojo be with you.

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