Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge - day 17 = 'Q'

Day 17 and coming up to day 7 of lurgieness and I'm waiting (impatiently) for UPS to make a delivery, this time it's not a delivery from Stampin' Up! but from Apple. So, in between wading through the tissue box due to aforementioned lurgie, I've been at the craft table and you may recall the little pizza style boxes I made a few days ago, we'll, today I've decorated some and turning them into little notelet gift boxes.

 I've used some of the tea for two dsp and using the collage curio stamp set, stamped some of them on to some very vanilla cardstock. Made use of the petite curly punch which I have then matted on to some punches that I've punched using the curly label punch. If you fancy any of the items the catalogues are available to view online here.

 20130417-140808.jpg 20130417-140900.jpg

And now here we are at 'Q'. I thought, hey let's see what words begin with Q and don't require the use of a U, but decided against that idea. The there was where does Q come from, the root of Q, decided against that one, but then went off on one of my tangents and so I am choosing Quebec, kind of going back to my roots (at least partially!).

Now, I have delved into the family history, started yonks ago with that wonder of where do I come from and my paternal line is not English/British, and that is due to my grandad. He came to the UK in WW2 from Canada, so I have some diluted Canadian in me. How does this get me on to Quebec? Well, back in the 1600s my great great x lots grandfather emigrated from France to New France being Quebec. If you fancy having a delve, Mathurin Gouin is his name. 

And, whilst doing this post, I'm off, a box has arrived :) could jump for joy, or into my quadriga with my equines, Quantum, Quasar, Quimico and Quicksilver! {sorry about that, couldn't resist}.

May the crafting mojo be with you :)

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