Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge - day 13 - myeloperoxidase

Well, firstly the iMac is definitely kerpooped. It is now one huge phone charger as my phone cable is plugged into one of the ports on the keyboard. All is it doing is showing me an apple and the spinning firework. It will now be consigned to somewhere in the house until such time that we get a new hard drive for it.

Despite being bunged up and having a lack of voice, it was an 'early' start this morning, up at 7am on a Saturday is not right but me and MIL had a craft fair in Holt. It was a lovely spring day but sadly there was not a lot of people coming in to peruse let alone buy, and that was for all the stall holders not just ours. I did take some pics so you can see what lovely stuff we make.




Right, so day 13 and we are at the letter 'm'. Seeing I have the dreaded lurgie and I do love to share, I thought I would indulge my strange sense of humour and tell you about myeloperoxidase. We're moving into the realms of biology here, with having what we generally may call the 'snots' or simply the plain ole lurgie, this stuff is an enzyme that is secreted by our white blood cells which in turn gets the rubbish out of your body in the form of mucus, it's part of our own little defence system to eradicate those nastily little bacteria that our body doesn't want in it at the time of having a stinky cold!

Now, what usually happens to me is that Sinusitis comes along and is a right pain in, well the eyeballs and the whole head usually, and bending over is a right pain as well. But, as you may know, sinus infections are a result of a viral infection, not a bacterial one and antibiotics don't work against a virus and so you just have to wait it out. I just hope that this goes soon as I'm finding it slightly hard to concentrate, and if you have visited my blog before, I am in the middle of an essay which was on track until the iMac died and now I am behind. Hey ho, live long and prosper and should you be suffering with an excess of myeloperoxidase being formed, my thoughts are with you fellow sufferer!
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