Sunday, 7 April 2013

UBC - on the seventh day of blogging...

...and so we are at the letter 'G', how time flies! The day has been spent mostly in the land of 'Godot'. I have 5,000 words, I only need 2,000. Now to turn 5,000 into an essay that answers the question. I've been reading about absurdism, looking at the alienation techniques and despite my initial 'loathing' although that might be too strong a word, for 'Waiting for Godot', it does seem to be growing on me the more I read it and analyse it. After all, it seems (to me at least) to show the fallibility of language as a medium for communication of metaphysical truth! The play doesn't conform to the usual dramatic production, there are only two acts, no beginning, no middle, no end. And, we have the existentialism coming into play, do we exist? Are we certain that we exist? Also, reading the play I had to turn back to the end of Act 1 as both acts end with the same words, Vladmir "Well, shall we go" and Estragon's response, "Yes, let's go", then the curtain falls and that is the end! Anyway, enough of Godot, I have to plod on and get it finished!!

Moving on "G" did you know that G-Code is the programming method which programmes cutting tools it is part of computer aided engineering and used mainly in engineering. A maybe useless snippet of information for you which may, or may not, become useful at some point!

And since I like to blind you with science, known colloquially as the Big G, this is the gravitational constant - you know, the G is used to calculate the gravitational force between two bodies, you have to have a read of Einstein's theory of relativity! At this point, I sometimes wonder at the stuff that floats around in my head.

Now, there is, as far as I am aware, no 'G' in the periodic table, so I am going to give you Ge - this is a nifty chemical since it gave rise to the semi-conductor industry in the 1950s, and don't confuse Germanium with with a geranium, since Germanium is a metalloid rather than a flower :) and not as abundant as geraniums, which I am going to say are not one of my favourite flowers, since they make me sneeze a lot.

G is also for good friends, see the list of blogs I like to visit, these are some of my friends, do spread your blog wings and go for a peruse, they are all fabulous.

Sorry for this being short, the day has over taken me in terms of essay, plus I got up late and then we had to go out and buy a new mouse (not the squeaky version rather the clicking version) for one of the little people.

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