Saturday, 20 April 2013

Top note, time for some tea and playing around with the tree

It was one of those mornings, rolled over and realised that it was 10:30am, must have needed the sleep!  Strange happenings today, I had some toast, made two slices, don't actually recall that I ate both slices!  I was either in some kind of time warp or the continuous lurgie is affecting the brain cells.

I hope wherever you are that you have had as nice a day as it has been here in Norfolk.  I've ventured into the garden a few times and just sat with the girls whilst they mooched around doing chicken stuff.  They've all been sunbathing and having a dust bath now and then, seems sunbathing was more the order of the day than laying eggs mind you!  I finally got the camera into the garden and took some snaps, hope you like them, mostly chickens though. Speckles was quite taken with the camera :)



I would have taken photos of some more flowers, but well, there aren't that many in the garden.  One of my apple trees does have some nice buds coming along though :)  (Thank you to mum and dad for giving it a prune over Easter).


As I had some card scraps lying around I have put them to some use and got a basics of a little top note mini album together, I've a couple of ideas running around in my head on what to put in it but will need to get some decent photo paper, or simply send off some snaps to Photobox to get them printed off, they are cheap enough and probably way better than what my printer can produce. It's something that I can tinker along with whilst I am supposed to be reading ;)


I've simply scored one end and then punched a couple of holes, finished it off with some of the lovely crochet trim ribbon :)


I've also made a card using some more scraps lying around.  I've also used the square scallop die in the big shot, forgot I had that (whoops!). I've used the tea shoppe stamp set for the card and had an odd piece of crochet trim laying around.  I must go through the scrap box more often as it is beginning to overflow (another whoops!)


I've also been doing some trawling of the (family) tree. had a freebie to search for marriages so that is what I have been doing for some of today.  One of the great ones is getting the 8 times grandfather, way back in 1663.  Kind of gives you goosebumps really.  I also had a little dig around for some other relations and tidying up some loose ends.  Jean Lomer Gouin, 4th cousin 4 times removed, we share great-great-great-grandparents and I managed to download a fair number of records to add to the genealogy folder.


I'm still on the hunt though for my great-grandmother, she was from the Russian Caucasus and her name is spelt Jeske on my grandad's birth certificate.  One day I will find her!  I do know where she was buried and a kind lady made a trip to the cemetery and took some photos for me, but as to the roots, with all the information on the internet one day I might fill that hole in the tree.  Unless of course you know anything on finding information about ancestors that came from that part of the world - I have also trawled the Ellis Island database to no avail :(

This is a somewhat late post for today, as you may guess I've been glued to hunting ancestors :)

May the crafting mojo be with you!



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