Monday, 8 April 2013

Swallowtail(s) - a huge Stampin' Up! stamp!

The big boy has come out to play today, my Stampin' Up! swallowtail stamp. It's just so gorgeous and if you love butterflies, well I dare you not to like this stamp! To give you an idea of size, it fits on a half piece of A4 paper.


I've also got the toys out to play with this one. I don't do much playing around with stamping and embossing but tonight, we are rocking. First I have inked the stamp with versamark and then gave the image a good old sprinkling of some early expresso embossing powder, then heat embossed it. I've also done the same on a piece of patterned paper from the tea for two paper set.


I also stamped the butterfly using some midnight muse ink, just so you can see that it looks great without any embossing :)


And here you go, the final product from stamping on the patterned paper, to the creation. I hope you like it, do please leave a comment, I love to read them :)


So you have got this far and now, seeing it is the 8th day, we are at the letter 'H'. Continuing with a bit of science, H = hyrdogen our lightest element with only one atom. It's discovery goes back a fair bit, to the 1600s in fact. In the 1700s, Henry Cavendish discovered that when the gas is burned, it produces water. It was in 1783 though that Antoine Lavoisier gave it its name, in Greek ὕδρω hydro meaning water and γενῆς genes meaning creator.

I'll leave you with that little piece of hydrogen and go and get the ink off that I have somehow managed to get on my thumb!

May the crafting mojo be with you!

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