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Read me! Ribbons, Rosette {Revisit}, Recycle, Really fReaky, Rhesus

Hello dear readers. Still full of lurgie here alas, darned sinuses and the feeling that I have been punched on the left side of my face right under the eyeball. Had a fair bit of napping today as there is a headache that just won't budge. But, I'm not going to let that stop me, as long as I don't go too far it's not too bad as the ear (left) is also still mucking me around so there is a bit of off-balancing going on occasionally which cannot be attributed to too much Tanquerey & tonic ;)

So, here is today's post for you which I hope you will find entertaining. Obviously if you are here you have done the first bit and read me! Now, ribbons. My downfall, I have too many I know but well they are very pretty and I should really use them more. It's that wondering if Stampin' Up! are going to aid my indulgence and come up with more lusciousness when the new catalogue comes out. If you are as bad as me and like ribbons too, I have some shares available, do check out my promotions page, I'm loving the seam binding at the moment, and the ruffled ribbon, oh and the stitched ribbon...


I've started to make some rosettes, I want to do a few and then hang them from the ceiling in Genny's room, I've a couple made but this one I need to redo, didn't quite get the matching right and my pieces got muddled. With a head full of fluff, it was too late to take it apart as the glue had dried holding it together - whoops. It's made using the Stampin' Up! rosette die, it's one of the long dies and as you can see as I have taken a pic on the grid paper, it's not a small beast. I have cut three pieces of patterned paper per rosette. It's very therapeutic doing all the folding and gluing and not so bad that I made an eRRor, it's just a piece of artistic licence!


If you have perused my blog before or indeed make me happy and follow it, you will have seen a while ago my attempts at upcycling, To fit in with today's theme, it is something that was recycled.


If you've not seen it before can you hazard a guess at what I used to make this. It is made from a household item, generally found in the smallest room in the house. At the moment, I could do with one (a full one!) tied around my neck ;) you can click on the picture if you want to find out what it's made out of (a new window will open).

Next up, getting ready for another craft fair and I am making some little diamond fold cards, these are really simple to make but I think perhaps look harder than what they are. I've done a little tutorial for you if you want to have a go. These are just the basis, I will be decorating the fronts later on. I'll probably have a bit of a production line going and do some stamping and sticking, might even use some ribbon ;)

All you need to do, is trim down your 12" patterned paper, the Stampin' Up! dsp is so good for this as it is patterned both sides, or you can simply use plain cardstock, one sided patterned paper. You trim your paper down to 4" - great thing is you can get three out of one sheet!

I've used my Stampin' Up! trimmer to make the whole thing as it also includes scoring blades. Next, you need to score 2" at each end. (If using your score board, score at 2" and 10").
Mark at 6" on both edges are you are going to fold down the sides. If you have your diagonal plate you can easily score diagonally each side at the 6" mark to create a diamond. If just folding, fold down on both sides, then turn the paper over and repeat.
This one shows the other folding that comes later as I forgot to take a pic with both of the folds!
This is what it looks like after all the folding:
You now create the diamond effect. To do this pinch where the scores intersect to create a point and then fold it in - hopefully the next picture will show you want I mean!
This is what it should look like once you have done the pinching and folding.
This is how it stands up..
And this is the back
I hope that has been ok and you are able to follow my instructions :)

Next, we've had a really freaky tea here at home. Whilst perusing pinterest the other day I came across this really freaky idea and so the kids have been involved in the end result. All you need, one tin of jumbo hot dogs and some spaghetti!

Thread spaghetti though the chopped up hot dogs and cook!
Then watch the kids try and work out how it was done! Thanks to the original person that thought this up, it was great entertainment!

Finally, with the R theme, I thought I would go for Rhesus today. Now, two things on this. My blood group is O Neg so I am stuck with being able to just have O neg in case of needing a blood transfusion. It also has meant that for each baby I have been stabbed with the anti-d as us negative peeps don't have the D antigen. There was a time that I would quite happily tootle along and go and donate some of my red stuff, but seeing I had a blood transfusion, well two now! my blood is just for me, if there comes a time and I can share again I will happily do so. I would say thanks to all those other O neg people that give blood, I've had to have a few bags of the red stuff, I got some back in 2011 after a minor op that should have lasted an hour and a half ended up in a ruptured artery and nine hours away from my bed on the ward! Thanks also to all those other peeps that give up this valuable resource :) And if you feel like giving some yourself, visit here in the UK, and I guess this is the same everywhere, they are always after your blood :) give blood, save a life, thank you from me :)

Secondly, seeing you may have sussed that I kind of like the old Greeks and Romans, I thought I would tell you about Rhesus of Thrace! Although he was a Thracian not quite a Greek, he is in Homer's Iliad (in book 10) - must read the book again one day - and was on the side of the Trojans. Sad for him though, although he landed with the intent of going into battle, he was slain by Diomedes when he and Odysseus went and stole horses.

Right, that's me done for today, off to read some Pat Barker and Ghost Road (Open University essay coming up in May).

May the crafting mojo be with you. And apologies if there are any spelling mistakes, got a stinker headache still {sigh}.

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