Wednesday, 10 April 2013

High or low level of joule?

Ahhhh, Wednesday. I like Wednesday, it's my day off from the day job. Still, we have the kids off for half term, but needs must. We headed out for some caffeine and yes, we had calories as well. Having a skinny latte makes up for the tart and cake that's all I can say.


The kidlets also had a gobstopper thing. It kept them quiet at least and also made their tongues a bit colourful, so much so that they had to have a picture! It was also haircut day for the boys in the house. Brian is off to London tomorrow, he's going to a big award ceremony which the RAF Benevolent Fund are having, which means I am also off work tomorrow. This may lead to me getting *the* essay finished and in the bag as I am nearly there, I just keep finding more stuff to put in it, which is good but not so good as I am way over the word count at the moment and so will have to have a serious prune.


On the basis that the middle one had wayyy to much hair, I was on the verge of putting it in a ponytail at the back, he now looks quite smart, despite having lasagne around his chops :)


And, here if my piece of work for today at the craft table. Loving the pop-up posies designer kit, I've used some of the kit and made a card using the rather lush marina mist cardstock and part of one sheet of paper from the tea for two dsp. There are also a couple of punched butterflies using the elegant butterfly punch which is in the current annual catalogue. (I tend to punch a load of 'punchies' using scraps). I hope you like it.


Finally, did you think I was going to miss this one! So do you have a low or high joule. Joule being energy. I came across this lots when I was doing one of my Open University courses - the one that now lets me have letters after my name should I so desire, these being CertNatSci(Open). So, joule, here are some examples of how much energy one joule equals in everyday life:

The energy required to life a small apple one meter up. The energy released when that same apple falls one metre to the ground.

The typical energy which is released as heat by a person at rest, every 1/60th of a second.

There is more over at Wikepedia if you so desire to read up on it, but I'll leave you with this one...

"Since the joule is also a Watt-second and the common unit for electricity sales to homes is the kWh (kilo-Watt-hour), a kWh is thus 1000 (kilo) x 3600 seconds = 3.6 MJ (Megajoules)". Oh, by the way, you can get multiples of joules as well, I like the yottajoule (YJ). Think of how much water there is on earth, now think of heating the entire volume, one TJ is equal to 1024 joules, this is the amount of energy (approx) to heat the water by 1 °Celsius. Pretty cool huh, I just love science.

May the crafting mojo be with you!

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