Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hearts a flutter - University fun!

It's been a glorious day so doing my post later in the day.  We've sorted the chickens and so they are now in their summer home, fence mended and they have been enjoying have dust baths today.

Mum came down to join us for our roastie dinner, followed by lush meringue dessert.  I think we are all now happily stuffed.  So, I am getting down to doing stuff on the craft table and have actually started reading one of the books I am (I think) doing for the EMA for my A300 course.  I am going to try and get it done sooner than later.  Some of my course involved...

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I've had the hearts a flutter framelits out to play today and used some paper from the comfort cafe dsp set.


It's just a quick and easy card, one to go to the craft fair in a few weeks.  I'm having a spurt of making some 6x6 cards at the moment - getting through some of the stockpile of 12x12 cardstock I have accumulated and using oup some 6" square envelopes I found in a bit of a tidy up.  First I cut a scalloped square using some very vanilla and then using couple of the dies from the hearts a flutter cut a couple out.


I popped the scalloped square onto a piece of comfort cafe dsp and then layered up with some other pieces I had cut out.


Added some of the flower trim to finish it off.


University Fun!

I didn't go to uni when I left school and decided against college, had thought about being a graphic artist.  Instead, I hit the big world and went to work in London which I ended up doing for a number of years, life changes, you move on, and worked closer to home at the time.  Then did a stint back in the city and west end and then now, in Norfolk, work 20-25 minutes from home, the only delays are being stuck behind a tractor or slow moving vehicle (summer = caravans).  So, a few years ago, 2003 actually, I decided to sign up to do a course with the Open University, my first course was a 'simple' level 1, just to brush up the French.  I guess then I became hooked.  Went on to do some science, humanities, social science, language (English) and currently 20th century literature: texts and debates.  I've got a nice list of the next ones:

I'm registered on EA300 children's literature (another level 3) which starts in September.

A maybe, is the A330, Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds (level 3 again) - this is going to need serious head down time (avoidance of those two issues that I have posted above) and I am tempted even now to get some of the books!

Quite fancy, A326, Empire 1492-1975 (level 3, again!)

E301, the art of English - if I can bear the thought of boot camping my mac! and also the 'linked' E303 English grammar in context. And, yes, both these are level 3 again.

There are a couple of level 2 courses, A275 reading classical Greek: language and literature and another one A219, exploring the classical world.  These two are at the bottom of the list - one they have exams which (a) I am not keen on and (b) are a bugger to get to.  I wouldn't say that the EMAs I have done are as easy as exams, in fact they may, quite possibly, be worse!

What I like about the OU is that they have an area called Open Learn, you can find out about 'stuff' and try things out as well.  It is a great platform and I have spent time (sometimes too much as I go off on my tangents).  Do go and take a look at the Art of Rich pictures, it is quite interesting.  Having a son who as varying issues that are on the autistic spectrum, when he was smaller he would have pictures to communicate his day.  He still does to some extent and his school timetable is in pictures and text.  Let me know what you think and if I have got you to hit a button that says 'register' I'll say 'well done' and also apologise as well, my days are sometimes spent in the land of the Open University!

Enjoy, and may the crafting mojo be with you!

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