Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fifty-Four : retirement and joining! Rebecca

Hello bloggers, here we are day 24 and we are at 'X'.  This one goes well of tangent, but then I like it when things do that.  It's a bit like me going to pinterest and getting waylaid by something or other!


So here we go, 'X' the 24th letter of the alphabet, turn it around to 42 and add the age of number '2' which is 12 and so you end up with 54.  Now, 54, there is at RAF Waddington, which his nibs goes to now and then for some reason or another, the 54 (R) Squadron.  The RAF station is situated not far from Lincoln which is where Coralie is at Uni - so there you go with one tenuous link!  If you are in the area, the station has a heritage centre - you need to book an appointment - which you can visit.

Staying with the 54 theme, you will find that, interestingly seeing we are at 'X', that the chemical element Xenon (Xe) has an atomic number of 54 - how cool is that - X and 54 in one line! Xenon is a noble gas and is found in the Earth's atmosphere in little amounts.  You most often find Xenon in arc lamps, used in the cinema in the projectors and also in car headlamps.  I'm not sure if it is being used yet, but I did see that it is (can be, will be) used as a general anaesthetic!


I'm, as you may know, reading Pat Barker's Ghost Road at the moment.  Next I will be reading Rebecca.  Now, I am trying to work out Rebecca as what type of book it is.  So, it's typical of 19th century fiction, it's Gothic and has a linear narrative and elements of bildungsroman (literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood (coming of age), and in which character change is thus extremely important). But I think there is more to it, indeed, as I have to read it again with a 'different' head on, I might fathom it a bit more (or simply ask Coralie to explain it!).

Retirement and Joining

This is a bit of a tease I guess.  I got to look at the US Stampin' Up! catalogue to see what is coming in July, boy do I need to cut my list down!  There is certainly a lot of luscious stuff coming and as we in Europe are coming in line to what the US has, I can guess that we are more or less getting what is coming.  As to what is going, well there is heaps and as soon as I get the UK retirement list and can share it, newsletter subscribers will be the first to see it.  Moral is, if there is something on it that you want, you need to get it, the retirement list ends up with out of stocks really, really, really quickly!  So it you want to see what is going and grab some bargains, hit the subscribe to my newsletter button ok :)  As to what is coming, members of my hostess clubs automatically get a catalogue and I will be starting a hostess club 10 starting July, so if you want in, drop me an email - you can see the info on what you need to do, and what you get, here.

Today, as still under the weather, I have just been making some toppers.   Using the little birds from the aviary set and the frame from the papaya collage and scraps out of the scrap box.


Got my hair cut, short, had a very long nap and could do with another one so might just snuggle on the sofa and find a film to watch (and try not to fall asleep).  All I need now is the pneumonia to &*&$£ off and I can start feeling 'normal' again!


May the crafting mojo be with you :)
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