Saturday, 9 March 2013

Stampin' Up! Ruffled Ribbon : In-Color 2011-2013

If you are like me and have a ribbon box (drawer!) then you know that you can never have enough.  The ruffled ribbons offered by Stampin' Up! in the current catalogue includes five colours and with the current annual catalogue coming closer to it's end, so will the In-color 2011-2013 colours.  

So, before they go, rather than splashing out on five reels of ribbons, I can offer you a share where you will get 1m of each of the five colours.  Each share will cost you just £6.50 including postage, if you would like 2m of each of the ribbons, this will be just £12.00.  

The share requires 9 members and I have a waiting list, if you would like two places just let me know :) you can click on the email button over on the left. This share runs until the current catalogue ends on 30 June 2013.

The gorgeous colours include: Calypso Coral, Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, Pool Party and Wisteria Wonder
calypso island limeade
pool wisteria
Of course, if you suffer from ribbon fetish syndrome, you can purchase all five reels from me for £48 including postage.

I am pleased to say that I have also made some headway with the A300 OU essay today.  My notes are still a bit of a mishmash and don't really make much sense but I seem to be getting somewhere.  My notes have around 8,000 words, just got to make them into sense in 2000 words.  Also, re-reading the book.  Having read it first time around whilst trying to tie it in with what the course book wanted, it felt a bit disjointed, now it is flowing nicely.  I wonder if reading the book then the course book would have been a better idea but, saying that, it seems reading the course book and bits of the book and now the book seem to have some bits sinking into my brain cells a bit more - hope that last bit makes some kind of sense!

I've been looking at chickens, I miss the Bluebelles and have been thinking of what to get to.  I want something that kind of reminds us of Beau and Belle and there are Araucana chickens which actually blue eggs, plus you can get Lavender Araucana chickens.  I've emailed a place in Thetford to ask them about whether they would mix nicely with the girls. Having 6 chickens just doesn't feel right at the moment.

I have also made today some mini pizza boxes and also a really nifty surprise box card.  I'll do tutorials for these, was planning on doing them today but ran out of time.  All being well, I'll get at least one of these posted up for you tomorrow :)

I'm off to bed now, still got the headache that I self-inflicted on myself, although I thought it would have gone by now, hey ho.
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