Friday, 1 March 2013

Open University & Mojo

Happy 1 March, so today is the first day, meteorically speaking, of the first day of spring.  This may be so, as I have a lonely crocus making it's way to the sunshine light in the garden.  We have a poorly chicken, Sheila has had a sour crop and so we are nursing her, I know she is 'just a chicken' and we have chickens for the purpose of them laying an egg, but she is still an animal that deserves some care.  Albeit we were ready to have her despatched on Wednesday, she has made a recovery, only a slight one though as she is still wobbly on her legs.  She is separated from the other girls as they started pecking at her yesterday.  Anyway, time will tell on whether she makes it through this period of being unwell.

Not much else really going on at the moment.  I am working my way through my next Open University essay, I am reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and a to make things happier, I am able to watch Blade Runner on my ipad so I am quite happy with this TMA!  Thankfully it isn't as nasty as the one before and I only have to churn 2000 words out of my little brain cells.  Still waiting on the mark to come through for the last one though that was a pig of all essays.  I hate this waiting game and am going to have to stop heading over to my student page to refresh the screen!

This month in the world of Stampin' Up! will also see the end of Sale-a-bration in the world of Stampin' Up!  so if you want something for nothing, orders of £45 or more (plus £4.95 for delivery by SU) means you can choose a freebie from the Sale-a-bration promotion.  If you've not seen this yet, head over to my Sale-a-bration post <here>. 

And, finally, my hostess groups are now limited spaces to get them kicked off to start this month.  You can choose from clubs that run over 10 months down to 7 months as I have spots available in most of these as well as waiting lists for some of the others.  If you are not sure about what is involved, you can find out more here.  Tomorrow I must tidy my craft desk, I have things I want to make in between the essay!

Now, alas, as I didn't win the lottery this week, it's back to the day job.  At least it's Friday :)

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