Friday, 29 March 2013

Mounting your Stampin' Up! clear stamps

I meant to post this the other day but got waylaid with having a bit of a head cold, so, instead of crafting I have been endeavouring with a head of cotton wool to read my OU texts but in reality, kept nodding off.  Seems this head cold also comes with a humdinger of a headache, and seeing I can't seem to shift it, despite being 'medicated' for my back and hip, I'm going for the medicinal option ;)  Just hope it goes soon seeing I am off snow tubing with lots of Guides in Norwich tomorrow!
Right, I was sorting through my stamps and getting them put together.  The stamps come with the stamps die cut but in a whole piece of the rubber stamp and having had several goes at putting the 'picture' that corresponds to the stamp on in various ways, I've figured the easiest way,  for me,  is this one:
So this is the first one of this set done already, as you can see, the Stampin' Up! stamps are die cut and on the back they have the white backing sheet.  I simply work my way through each stamp, taking off the white backing of the stamp...
Next, on the sticker sheet that comes with the stamps, take off the corresponding sticker for your stamp and peel off half of the protective backing...
20130329_175012 20130329_175037
Next, line up the sticker using the non sticky part onto the back of your stamp
Then gently lie the sticky bit down.
Take off the protective sheet from the other part of your sticker and then gently rub that side down and there you have it.
20130329_175125 20130329_175136 20130329_175148
Just do this for the rest of the set and then pop them out and you have the backs neatly mounted.

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