Monday, 11 March 2013

Mini pizza box tutorial

Having had a spell of making cards, I've gone off and made something else for a change.  I thought that I'd have a go at making some little mini pizza type gift boxes.  These are quite quick and simple and you can decorate the box as much as you want (or don't want to as the case may be).

I want my box to fit in cards that are 4" square and so that they don't have to be wedged into the box I have made the box 4.25" square and the height of the box to be 1".  To work out the size of the cardstock is easy using a simple formula.

To work out the length: times the height you want by 3 and then add two times the finished box size.

For my box it is 3 x 1" plus 2 x 4.25" (3 + 8.5 = 11.5")

For the width of the cardstock: 2 x the height plus the finished box size.

So, 2 x 1" plus 4.25" = 6.25"

So my piece of cardstock is trimmed down to 11.5 x 6.25"

Step 1:
Trim your piece of cardstock to your desired size, in my case 11.5" x 6.25".


Step 2:
Score at 1" at each edge - for me this is 1", 5.25" , 6.25" and 10.5" along the long edge and 1" and 5.25" on the short edge (you can always flip the card and just score 1" at each of the edges).


Step 3: Give the folds a good crease using your bone folder and then snip down to the score lines as shown below.


Step 4:
Using a wet glue, I glued the flaps and using various clips held it together whilst the glue dried.


And here's one I made earlier!


I hope you found the tutorial easy to follow, any problems let me know and if you have a go, do show me :)
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