Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

This could well be me tonight.  I finished the essay, TMA05 has gone into the pot for marking and I have got it in before my extension ran out: Your assessment was received by the University at 23:36:33 (UK time) on 16 March 2013.  So, this now leaves me with one more TMA and then the final EMA (end of module assessment). I've run out of oompf to see what I need to do next as I have been chomping away at this essay since 10am this morning, interspersed with cleaning out the chickens, washing, folding up, sorting out Morgan's bag for his trip, feeding kids and endless cups of coffee.  But yay, it's done, and hope my tutor finds it ok.  I thought it was ok but then I'm not marking it!

I didn't get to play today, I will tomorrow though, I have made a note - so do pop back tomorrow to see what I have been up to :) It won't be too early though, I'm shattered and hopefully will just completely zonk out to the land of ZZZzzzzzs (or Baaaaaa's).

Might need to clear my desk tomorrow though, it is covered in post it notes!

May the crafting mojo be with you!
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