Friday, 8 March 2013

Bluebelles and Androids

A sad day today, having had problems with Sheila and her sour crop and who is now 'fixed', I went to do the morning checking of the chooks today and six girls were in the garden.  As I do when they are not all in the garden, I tootled off to check the Egglu to see if Beau was laying an egg or whether she was somewhere else in the garden, doing what chickens do.  Sadly, she was in the Egglu but she had died during the night :( She was one of our good layers, producing huge eggs and quite a few of them were double yolks.  You may think it daft to get sentimental over just a 'bird' but despite being here for a reason - to lay eggs - they do become more like pets and have their own little quirks.

Give it a few more weeks and when spring has firmly sprung, instead of one chicken to take Beau's sister Belle's place, we'll be looking at getting 2 more girls (may even make that 4 as there are some other pretty girls out in the world of chickens and we had always thought of having 10 girls).


Brian has left me this weekend to do RAF things, so he is going to be at Cranwell for a couple of days, he's headed off tonight (Friday) and hopefully the fog isn't bad on the journey there.  It was quite pea souper'ish on the way home this afternoon.  So, my plans for the weekend include, playing with paper and glue - although I think I just need to have another rejig of my crafting area, plus I want to get a different tote as I keep just stuffing things in it and so it's a bit (a lot) untidy.  I need to rejig my papers, definitely need to sort through the ribbon drawer and move my wool (attempts at crochet/knitting) somewhere else.


Another task for the weekend is to endeavour to get more words done for the essay, again I find myself with loads and loads of notes which form a nonsensical piece of essay at the moment!

Although the previous books on this course haven't sparked much interest, apart from Brecht and Life of Galileo (just not the essay!),  before A300 I would just read a book and maybe more than once because I enjoyed it, now, I am finding myself dissecting books - a good thing right, after all this is what A330 is about.  My topics and issues for this next essay (yay to TMA05)  include looking at whether science fiction (sf) is by it's definition a popular genre, and what are the most persuasive definitions of sf.  What light does Marxism shed on 'Androids' {as you know if you have been here before, I am reading Philip K Dicks Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?} and what light does postmodernism shed on Androids?  So, as you can see there is quite a bit of topic and issues as these are just a few.
At the moment though, my brain has done a runner!

Finally, seeing that Brian has gone off to Cranwell, do you think it appropriate that I open the bottle of pink fizz?


And time is running out, not only to grab yourself some freebies, but to join up and get more items in your basket for the starter kit.  Join up now and for £99 you get to choose £162.50 of products.  After 22 March 2013, the starter kit goes down in product value.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 16.11.45

Now off to ponder the decorking of that bottle....
May the crafting mojo be with you!

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