Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stampin', sticking and pretty nails

I've a few days off over this first half term of 2013, I've not done as much as I hoped I would do but I did finish *that* essay which was one of the things on the list.  I've also, finally, de-stocked the Scraporium and it is now Sarah's Scraporium!  I emptied the virtual shelves and, if like me you make lots of cards and other projects and you find yourself with waaaay too many cards etc that you don't know what to do with them, rather than reinventing the wheel, I have used the back-end so that I have somewhere to sell (hopefully) my cards.  Also, as a Stampin' Up! demo we are allowed to sell some items outside of the usual fulfilment process, so as I have spares as I don't like to run out, I have put them online as it's easy for me to order restocks when I need them.  I've also added retired products and my own  bundles/product shares.  Now, this means that I have to sort through the boxes of cards and get them online for which I need some decent light to take some decent pictures of them all.  

I'm now on the third day of the 5:2 way of eating.  Monday was my fasting day and quite honestly I found it no problem, wasn't hungry and had just the four packs of Boossh meals (plus water).  I think that my mind is in the 'right place'.  Yesterday was a 'normal' day and I would have thought that there would have been an urge to binge and to stuff as much as I could into me, but nope, it was just a 'normal' eating day.  Today, Wednesday, is another normal day and my next fasting day is Friday.  I have also been knocking back the water.  It will be interesting to see if there are any results come weigh in on Monday.  All I need is just 21lbs less of me to be in the place where the bones may become less of a perpetual annoyance, plus I need to beat Genny when it comes to using the hula-hoop!

Anyway, another thing on my list was to get some papercrafting done and so far I have made a card!  I don't know what it is with me at the moment, there are plans in my head which aren't spiralling down to become reality!  This one is just plain and simple and I made the little handbag just using scraps and some of the linen thread.  It also has one of the many pinwheels that I have been making using the little pinwheel die that is in the 2013 spring/summer catalogue!
Have you seen the pop up posies designer kit in the new catalogue.  This is one thing that I am playing with. You get lots in the kit to play with.
I've been making toppers so I have a little supply in my toppers box, these are handy if you need a spur of the moment card so all you need to do is pop them on, or even use them as a gift tag.
Do you like them?  These are my nails that Lara did on Monday.  The colour is Casino Royale and they are the OPI gel overlays.
And so, back to the day, for the next part of my Open University course, I am skipping reading Rebecca and the poetry of Frank O'Hara and Allen Ginsberg and heading straight to the 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' as I am going to use that for the next assignment, TMA5 will not doubt creep upon me and try and bite me on the butt!
May the crafting mojo be with you!

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