Friday, 7 December 2012

last minute dot com

Do you ever have those moments when you do things at the last minute? I'm having one kind of right now! 

I've a craft fair tomorrow, got a fair bit to take along but there are some bits that I just haven't gotten around to doing this week (or the previous weeks to be honest).  So here I am making cards, and I have some calendars to do as well, these may well turn out to be a take along and do while I am there!

So, here is my craft desk......

I have had some celebration this week.  I passed my previous Open University course, just made a 2:2 in the scheme of the marking, 6 points off a 2:1 which was a bit of a pooh but it seems quite a few of us in this presentation are in the same boat, so I am not complaining (I did get a 2:1 pass in one bit but didn't quite get the points in the other part of the marking).  Considering it was a bit of a push trying to do it and trying to figure exactly what the TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) were after, I was pretty pleased with myself to get a good mark in the EMA (End of Module Assessment).  So, that's U214 Worlds of English a healthy pass under my belt and a 2nd level course done and dusted :) I may have had a celebratory slurp of some Snow Grouse (any excuse huh!).

But, here I am now, A300 20th century literary texts and debates, currently doing my head in!  Got an assignment to get put to bed next week and it is going s-l-o-w-l-y.  This one is a level 3 course so more brain cells needed, wish they would come out of hiding.

Have you had snow?  This was a cloud on the school run on Wednesday, it did pop eventually but I think is rather a fantastic show of mother nature and what the sky above us can produce.

Lastly, as I have a bit of verbal overload at the moment.  Guides on Thursday, the girls had made some Christmas cakes in half sized tins, you know the half sized baked bean tins.  Thursday night was decorating time so it was rather sweet in the air as there was a fair bit of icing sugar wafting around. So here's Genny at the marzipan stage.

And here is the final bit (although the snowman has gone missing).

 Happy crafting and may the mojo be with you :)

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