Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Playing with paper - making bows

Just having a muck around with some paper today. You know those gift bows that you stick on your parcels, I've made a big one!  This is the prototype mark I.

It's from a sheet of 12" x 12" paper (double sided) as I was having a little clear out in the paper cupboard, the lonely sheet offered itself to my trimmer!

Simple to make, I have used 8 strips trimmed to 1" x 12", and 4 strips cut to 1" x 11" - I trimmed an inch off the end which makes the bit in the middle.  (The next one maybe I will trim the 1" x 11" down to  1" x 10" or 9" and my middle bit needs to be a bit bigger, I think).

You simply fold them over, make a little hole at the 'stuck' end and I've used a brad to layer them up plus some glue dots as it was a short brad!  The middle bit is the last bit of paper just folded over and glue dot holds that in place.

Anyway, like this post, it was short and sweet and I guess less than 15 minutes to make it (I had some distractions of the kettle boiling to make a coffee).

Talking about coffee, we (me and Brian) headed over to Costa for some 'our' time today, and to get some of *that* shopping, we do like the 'potty' mugs - mine is filled with a skinny latte, to compensate for that beauty in the front, namely a chocolate orange tart.  Can you see poking behind the Christmas tree decorated cappuccino some marshmallows, that's the hot chocolate muffin!

And here is something else that fell in the trolley, let is show and some bells :)  and, yup, they are out of their packaging and on display.  I can't seem to help myself :)

Have fun crafting, may the mojo be with you :)

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