Friday, 9 November 2012

Paper Bag Album

I've always wanted to have a go at making a paper bag album, I've had some paper bags kicking around for I don't know how long (well, quite a while considering I started scrapbooking over 12 years ago!) and it's about time they got used.

To do this album, I have folded over the gusset part and then the flap bit (that I have lifted up) I glued down.

I've got (found) four paper bags and I have made it so that the outside has a gusset flap (I'm going to stick a cover on this bit), then the insides, then the outside (flap on the outside).

 Bag 1 (front)                                          Bag 1 & 2

 Bag 2  & 3                                    Bag 3 & 4

Bag 4 (back)

I've made covers using chipboard for the front and back - I measured the covers just a little bit bigger than the paper bag (these are 10" x 6"), covering them with some dsp and cardstock.  Then made a start on the insides.

For the first (bag) page, I have used some extra sticky tape on the flap and then adhered this to the front cover - if you are using a patterned paper like me make sure you have it the right way up!  I then decorated the flap bit and will then decorate the 'page' once I have assembled the rest.

I have decorated bag 1 and then used the SU scallop punch at the end of the pocket.    Bag 2 has been taped to bag 1 so you end up with a double pocket and then decorate bag 2 - plus the flap bit.

For bag 3, tape the flap of bag 2 and 3 together. Then decorate the flap of bag 3 and the page.

Bag 4 has then been stuck to page 3 and decorated and the flap of bag 4 then gets stuck to the outside cover.

A side and top view so you can see what I have done.  I'll then just get some tags made for the pockets and give it a bit more decoration.  Your turn now (if you have more bags you can make it bigger!) :)

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