Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mini Flip Album

Instead of creating a layout using the Simply Scrappin' layout kit I've made a little mini flip album along with some bits left over from the Merry Moments simply scrappin' kit for a little holiday project. I have made one of these before, but having got the kit out to make a layout, ended up changing my mind and made the album instead, nothing like a bit of artistic licence on a Sunday afternoon!

From the kit take the two pieces of 12x12 cardstock and trim as follows:

1 piece 6" x 12"
3 pieces 5.75" x 12"

(you can keep the cut off strips to use as decoration, I'm using a singled side patterned paper so I will giving some patterned sides facing up or down, if you are using a double sided patterned paper, it doesn't matter which way up your paper is).

Using the 6 x 12 " piece, score at 2.75", 3", 9" and 9.25".

Score the folds so that the white flaps turn in to the inside. (The patterned side will be face down).

Score the 5.25 x 12" pieces at 3" and 9"

Sticking down time.

One one of the 5.25 x 12" pieces, you are going to put some glue/tape on each of the 3" flaps - patterned side facing up.

Now, stick one of the other pieces of 5.25 x 12 onto the left glued flap and the other piece on to the right glued flap.  This becomes your insides of the album.

Stick your inside into the cover (the 6x12" piece) by putting some glue into the middle of the 6x12 section.  I also used one of the strips to make a border edge on the inside so that the white doesn't show.

The cover and ribbon.

For the cover, trim down four pieces of cardstock to 5.5" square.

Stick one piece on the inside left flap.  On what will be the outside of your book, add a piece of ribbon, then stick another of squares on top, now you have your cover.

 Do the same of the right side BUT with the ribbon, this goes on the right hand edge.

All you need to do now is decorate.

Happy crafting!

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