Saturday, 17 November 2012

Making Stars

Time to use up some of those paper scraps that I have ding nothing in the scrap box. These ones are turning into stars. f you have scraps lying around like me, then you can have a play and make some stars.

Step one.

I have used two squares of patterned paper (they don't have to be double sided for this) trimmed to 4.5" square.

Step two.

I used the diagonal plate on my score board to score each piece on the diagonal (if using singled sided pattered paper, do this on the patterned side).

Step three.

Fold each piece of paper in half (one the wrong side) at each edge.

Step four.

Mark 1" in from the edge on each side of the paper.

Step five.

Cut up to the 1" mark on each piece.

Step six.

Fold in like the picture.  (Folding the front patterned side in to the back - hope that makes sense)

So you end up with something that looks like this.

Step seven.

You now need to glue on one side of the point only, I have written glue on the example here.  And, then you are going to fold in the unglued side over to the glued bit.  This bit can be a little bit fiddly.

So you end up with a star like this.

Step eight.

All you then need to do is glue the two stars together, I used my hot glue gun for this to make sure that they stick.  If you have some of the really sticky tape that is really good too.

Have fun, I'm off to make some more and play with more crafty stuff.

Happy crafting!

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