Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Baking Tray = Advent Calendar

I made this ages ago but it comes out each year on 1 December to countdown to Christmas day. All you need is a flat (if possible) baking tray, ruler, pen, paper and little magnets.

First, decorate the back of the baking tray with some patterned paper.

On another sheet, mark out your advent squares.  I have done mine 5 x 5 and each square is approx 1" in size - depending on the size of your baking tray you might need to adjust your sizes.  I used a dashed line rather than a solid one to mark this out and then trimmed it down.  Then stick down. 

You then need 25 squares of cardstock, I have inked the edges and then you just decorate each one.  Stick a little magnet on the back of your squares so they will then stick to the tray.

At the top of the tray, I punched some circles out of another patterned paper and stuck some stickers on for the month of December.  To hang your tray, punch a hole in the top (I used my crop-o-dile) and then thread some ribbon through.

There you go.  I keep each day on the 'back' of the baking tray and each morning find the day to stick on the front.  This is also a great craft for kids, I did this with my Guides last year and they had great fun.

Happy crafting!

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