Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Playing with paper - making bows

Just having a muck around with some paper today. You know those gift bows that you stick on your parcels, I've made a big one!  This is the prototype mark I.

It's from a sheet of 12" x 12" paper (double sided) as I was having a little clear out in the paper cupboard, the lonely sheet offered itself to my trimmer!

Simple to make, I have used 8 strips trimmed to 1" x 12", and 4 strips cut to 1" x 11" - I trimmed an inch off the end which makes the bit in the middle.  (The next one maybe I will trim the 1" x 11" down to  1" x 10" or 9" and my middle bit needs to be a bit bigger, I think).

You simply fold them over, make a little hole at the 'stuck' end and I've used a brad to layer them up plus some glue dots as it was a short brad!  The middle bit is the last bit of paper just folded over and glue dot holds that in place.

Anyway, like this post, it was short and sweet and I guess less than 15 minutes to make it (I had some distractions of the kettle boiling to make a coffee).

Talking about coffee, we (me and Brian) headed over to Costa for some 'our' time today, and to get some of *that* shopping, we do like the 'potty' mugs - mine is filled with a skinny latte, to compensate for that beauty in the front, namely a chocolate orange tart.  Can you see poking behind the Christmas tree decorated cappuccino some marshmallows, that's the hot chocolate muffin!

And here is something else that fell in the trolley, let is show and some bells :)  and, yup, they are out of their packaging and on display.  I can't seem to help myself :)

Have fun crafting, may the mojo be with you :)


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Baking Tray = Advent Calendar

I made this ages ago but it comes out each year on 1 December to countdown to Christmas day. All you need is a flat (if possible) baking tray, ruler, pen, paper and little magnets.

First, decorate the back of the baking tray with some patterned paper.

On another sheet, mark out your advent squares.  I have done mine 5 x 5 and each square is approx 1" in size - depending on the size of your baking tray you might need to adjust your sizes.  I used a dashed line rather than a solid one to mark this out and then trimmed it down.  Then stick down. 

You then need 25 squares of cardstock, I have inked the edges and then you just decorate each one.  Stick a little magnet on the back of your squares so they will then stick to the tray.

At the top of the tray, I punched some circles out of another patterned paper and stuck some stickers on for the month of December.  To hang your tray, punch a hole in the top (I used my crop-o-dile) and then thread some ribbon through.

There you go.  I keep each day on the 'back' of the baking tray and each morning find the day to stick on the front.  This is also a great craft for kids, I did this with my Guides last year and they had great fun.

Happy crafting!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mini Flip Album

Instead of creating a layout using the Simply Scrappin' layout kit I've made a little mini flip album along with some bits left over from the Merry Moments simply scrappin' kit for a little holiday project. I have made one of these before, but having got the kit out to make a layout, ended up changing my mind and made the album instead, nothing like a bit of artistic licence on a Sunday afternoon!

From the kit take the two pieces of 12x12 cardstock and trim as follows:

1 piece 6" x 12"
3 pieces 5.75" x 12"

(you can keep the cut off strips to use as decoration, I'm using a singled side patterned paper so I will giving some patterned sides facing up or down, if you are using a double sided patterned paper, it doesn't matter which way up your paper is).

Using the 6 x 12 " piece, score at 2.75", 3", 9" and 9.25".

Score the folds so that the white flaps turn in to the inside. (The patterned side will be face down).

Score the 5.25 x 12" pieces at 3" and 9"

Sticking down time.

One one of the 5.25 x 12" pieces, you are going to put some glue/tape on each of the 3" flaps - patterned side facing up.

Now, stick one of the other pieces of 5.25 x 12 onto the left glued flap and the other piece on to the right glued flap.  This becomes your insides of the album.

Stick your inside into the cover (the 6x12" piece) by putting some glue into the middle of the 6x12 section.  I also used one of the strips to make a border edge on the inside so that the white doesn't show.

The cover and ribbon.

For the cover, trim down four pieces of cardstock to 5.5" square.

Stick one piece on the inside left flap.  On what will be the outside of your book, add a piece of ribbon, then stick another of squares on top, now you have your cover.

 Do the same of the right side BUT with the ribbon, this goes on the right hand edge.

All you need to do now is decorate.

Happy crafting!


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Making Stars

Time to use up some of those paper scraps that I have ding nothing in the scrap box. These ones are turning into stars. f you have scraps lying around like me, then you can have a play and make some stars.

Step one.

I have used two squares of patterned paper (they don't have to be double sided for this) trimmed to 4.5" square.

Step two.

I used the diagonal plate on my score board to score each piece on the diagonal (if using singled sided pattered paper, do this on the patterned side).

Step three.

Fold each piece of paper in half (one the wrong side) at each edge.

Step four.

Mark 1" in from the edge on each side of the paper.

Step five.

Cut up to the 1" mark on each piece.

Step six.

Fold in like the picture.  (Folding the front patterned side in to the back - hope that makes sense)

So you end up with something that looks like this.

Step seven.

You now need to glue on one side of the point only, I have written glue on the example here.  And, then you are going to fold in the unglued side over to the glued bit.  This bit can be a little bit fiddly.

So you end up with a star like this.

Step eight.

All you then need to do is glue the two stars together, I used my hot glue gun for this to make sure that they stick.  If you have some of the really sticky tape that is really good too.

Have fun, I'm off to make some more and play with more crafty stuff.

Happy crafting!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Odds n Sods... OU / Trimmer / App / Ribbons

A couple of things going on, I got my OU essay submitted (early too) and actually found that I was quite enjoying reading Katherine Mansfield. But, I don't have time to read the other stories, and so I'm on to the next book in the reading list, Lewis Grassic Gibbon and Sunset Song.  So far ok, thankfully there is a glossary at the back of the book as its 'in' Scots.  I'm not enjoying the flitting around of textbooks though so have loaded them on to the iPad to read them on there, it's much easier than two textbooks plus Sunset Song. 

Moving on to the world of Stampin' Up! 

We have an app for the iPhone (I've loaded it on to my iPad) called 'Simply Sent'.

So, Stampin' Up! have created a fab card-making app.  You can create an eCard (you have templates or you can make your own from scratch) and then you can email it and they even have a button where you can post it to facebook.

If you want it, you can find it in the Apple app store or from iTunes, just look for Simply Sent.

Next up, and I've been waiting for this for a while as there were 'engineering' issues that Stampin' Up! have had to fix, we have the trimmer soon to be available (item 129722).  I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on this, my current trimmer is not doing so well.  What has this one got...
  • Full 30.5 cm cutting and scoring track (You don't have to remove the blades to get a full 30.5 cm cut!)
  • Extended 15.9 cm wide cutting base and 36.5 cm extender ruler
  • Storage compartment under base to hold additional cutting/scoring blades
  • Cutting track that locks into place
  • Specially designed cutting track and handles for stable and straight cuts
  • Full ruler, with additional printed grid lines under a plastic cover so measurements won't wear off
  • And so much more!
The cutting and scoring blade refills will also be available early in December.

The price is £25.95, and if you would like to preorder, I am doing a special preorder price of £29.99 to include delivery - you can add to your order if you so wish*

If you would like to take part in a ribbon share, I have some of the spotted scalloped ribbon available. This is £9.00 posted for 10m of ribbon - 1m of each of the 10 scalloped polka dots ribbons, dots are on one side of the ribbons and come in the following colours:

basic black / cherry cobbler / chocolate chip / elegant eggplant / marina mist / melon mambo / more mustard / old olive / pretty in pink / tangerine tango

If you would like to join in, drop me and email and your paypal address and when ready I will send you an invoice.

* there is no extra delivery charge, but your order won't go in until the trimmer is available. Payment is required with your order as I will submit this as soon as the trimmer is available to order.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Paper Bag Album

I've always wanted to have a go at making a paper bag album, I've had some paper bags kicking around for I don't know how long (well, quite a while considering I started scrapbooking over 12 years ago!) and it's about time they got used.

To do this album, I have folded over the gusset part and then the flap bit (that I have lifted up) I glued down.

I've got (found) four paper bags and I have made it so that the outside has a gusset flap (I'm going to stick a cover on this bit), then the insides, then the outside (flap on the outside).

 Bag 1 (front)                                          Bag 1 & 2

 Bag 2  & 3                                    Bag 3 & 4

Bag 4 (back)

I've made covers using chipboard for the front and back - I measured the covers just a little bit bigger than the paper bag (these are 10" x 6"), covering them with some dsp and cardstock.  Then made a start on the insides.

For the first (bag) page, I have used some extra sticky tape on the flap and then adhered this to the front cover - if you are using a patterned paper like me make sure you have it the right way up!  I then decorated the flap bit and will then decorate the 'page' once I have assembled the rest.

I have decorated bag 1 and then used the SU scallop punch at the end of the pocket.    Bag 2 has been taped to bag 1 so you end up with a double pocket and then decorate bag 2 - plus the flap bit.

For bag 3, tape the flap of bag 2 and 3 together. Then decorate the flap of bag 3 and the page.

Bag 4 has then been stuck to page 3 and decorated and the flap of bag 4 then gets stuck to the outside cover.

A side and top view so you can see what I have done.  I'll then just get some tags made for the pockets and give it a bit more decoration.  Your turn now (if you have more bags you can make it bigger!) :)

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