Saturday, 8 September 2012

Star ornament that goes ping!

So this one is because Tami made one and I had to have a go. Tami used smaller squares than me.

I've used: One sheet of 12x12 paper from the snow festival designer paper series. I'm loving this paper!

Cut from this, 5 4" x 4" squares.

From a scrap from another sheet I have used today, I cut two 2" x 2" pieces.
A piece of ribbon and a bead (couldn't find a bead so I used a button).

You are simply scoring each of the 4x4" pieces in half and half again.

Fold them:

Stick them all together.  On the outsides, I used some really sticky tape to add some ribbon, then covered that up with the 2x2 square.

Thread a bead (button in my case) with both pieces of the ribbon then tie a knot at the top.  You slide the bead down to the ornament, then when you put the bead up, the ornament springs open.  I gave all my edges a really good crease.

Thanks for Tami for adding some fun to making ornaments :)
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