Saturday, 8 September 2012

Star Card on a Saturday

Another of those things that I found on the web, they are very easy to make and I've made mine using a sheet of paper measuring 30cm x 30cm (I used cm's as that is what my ruler measures in!).

First mark at 15cm and draw a short line down the paper for your line marker.

Line up your ruler at the bottom edge so that 30cm mark is at the corner point, and line up the ruler so that the 1cm mark is on the line you have just drawn - pictures in case that made no sense whatsoever!

Once you've got your triangle, trim down and then mark each edge at 15cm and join the points together with a pencil line - no need to do heavy lines as you are going to rub them out later.

Then mark 5cm on each side of the line on each corner and join these points together.

Now fold at the pencil marks and crease using your bone folder.  I used my Stampin' Up! score board to get a good score line.  At this point you can rub out the lines.

Folding time - I'm showing you this in pictures! You are simply folding in the larger of the point and then folding out the smaller point.  The final one, you just tuck in so that it keeps it closed.

Tuck in the final side

They are really easy to make and once you've made one you can make more :)

You can easily resize with whatever size paper you want, all you need is to have an even sized piece of paper, make it into an equilateral shaped triangle and off you go :)

Happy crafting!

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