Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday 12 August - circles

Having a bit of a hop around the crafting pages in my favourites, I found myself at Melissa Samuels.  Melissa has made a super ornanment, made out of paper circles.  Inspired to find my craft table, here's mine.

All you need are 8 paper circles.

Score each of them into quarters and then you fold in two opposite corners slightly.  I, like Melissa, went for the four folded one way and the remainder the other.

Then, you need to do some sticking down.  I used some of the really sticky tape sheet.  I put the first four on that are the same in a clock position for 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Then, just edged in the remaining four and voila.

Turning over to the back, I used some ribbon to make a hanging bit and then stuck another circle on top so that back looks nice and pretty.

Back to the front and I have stuck a little gem on the front and had to have a go with some glitter stickles just to add some sparkle.

And there you have it with thanks to Melissa for getting me at the craft table this Sunday evening.
Do head over to Melissa's place, she has this on video instruction and other stuff too. 

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