Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nijmenan, garden and online applications

We are moving forward with the times! It is now possible to join my team by completing an online application form. Simply click here to be directed to the Independent Demonstrator Agreement (IDA).  No more waiting for forms to arrive in the post, simply fill in and click send and you will get your starter kit much quicker (depending on how long it takes you to choose what you want in it!).

I'm waiting for this little beauty to ripen up :)  The apple tree is ladened and there are a couple of red ones and this on has my name on it.  I'm resisting the urge to pluck it off now as it needs a little bit longer (I think).
We're surviving the school summer holidays.  The pool is up but as yet the weather has not been that good to stick the kids in it.  It's not heated so it needs some sunshine beaming down on it to warm it up a bit - this is from a few days ago when the sun did its duty!

We took a stroll around Holt Country Park last week, once more the weather was kind and we had a good stroll around the paths, finding surprises along the way.


Finally, I was going to show you Brian's feet after his 4 day march in Nijmegan but they were pretty gross.  Rather than the civilians that were able to do the walk in a leisurely manner, as Brian is part of the military contingent he and his team marched over the four days.  I'm pleased to say that not only did he lead his team to victory, he led them all to victory and to show how much of an achievement it is, as he finished, he received the medal shown below.

Here's a little clip from YouTube, (Brian's team is at about 5:48s) they are having a sing song.
40,630 people started the 4 day walk on day one, on day four, 38,144 finished.  A bit of a feet (feat! sorry couldn't help myself) and there were some sore ones by the end.

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