Saturday, 21 July 2012

The week is nearly over...

My week's holiday is drawing to an end, Brian has successfully finished the 96th Nijmegan 4 day March and will be home today. 40,630 people started the march on Tuesday, on Friday, 38,144 finished. Brian along with two sergeant cadets are among those who now have earned an officially recognised medal. I think he may need to sleep for a week when he is home and not sure what the state of his feet are in!

School is also over, Genny had her year 6 leavers' assembly yesterday.  Managed to sit through it with dry eyes although did get a lump in the throat a couple of times.  She has now ended her time at Astley and moves on to secondary school in September.  We hope that she continues to do well as she has done at primary :)

I was going to add in making an exploding book into this post but I'm going to do a fresh one so it doesn't get mixed in with home stuff.  If you see over on the left I have put in some links to things I have made where I have instructions. 

Happy Saturday!

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