Thursday, 19 July 2012

Stepper Compartment Box

This is another 'thing' that I have had on my to do list (also known as a round-to-it). I first saw this on Splitcoaststampers. Now that Stampin' Up! have their new diagonal plate to go with their Simply Scored plate, it has made making these so much easier. Being a bit of a dreary time, and my endeavours to make something while I am on my week holiday, it's time to have a go. If you would like a full pdf tutorial, head over to Kirsteen. I've followed her instructions to make mine :) This is great for using scraps.

1 - sheet of 5 x 11.25" cardstock (I trimmed down a piece of A4)
10 - pieces of patterned paper trimmed to 4.75 x 2"
1 - piece of cardstock trimmed to 7" square
6 - 2" square piece of patterned paper
4 - pieces of 6" square cardstock for the boxes inside

Scoring board and the diagonal plate if you have one.  Very sticky tape (the red sticky strip is good for this), other glue and something to crease if you haven't got a bone folder.

Step 1:
Score the 5 x 11.25 piece of cardstock at the following intervals:
2.25" - 4.5" - 6.75" - 9"

Crease the folds and adhere the 4.75 x 2" papers between your score marks on the front and back.

Step 2: compartments

You are going to do this for each of the four compartment boxes using the 6" square pieces of cardstock:

1. Diagonal score - on each side score at 1.5", 3" and 4.5"

2. Using the score board without the diagonal plate, score down to the middle square at 3" on each side of your pieces of cardstock.

Step 3: Folding the boxes

1. Fold opposite corners into the middle, then fold the outside edge again into the middle.

 You then have to fold like below, tucking in the corners under the flap (hope that makes sense!).

Once the compartment boxes are made, I pop a piece of the 2" square patterned paper inside to finish it off.

Step 4: the lid

The process for the lid is the same as that of the boxes, but the diagonal score marks that you do on each side are:

1.75" - 3.5" - 5.25"

Then fold to make the lid.

So you now have, one lid, 4 compartments and the 'wrap'.

Step 5: the putting together bit

Stick one of the compartments on the bottom of the wrap and then space the other three compartments (as shown).  I used the really sticky red strip tape for this as you need a good firm adhesive.

All being well, it should fold up, you pop the lid on (decorated as you so desire) and ta-dah.

Thanks again to Kirsteen for doing the pdf tutorial which enabled me to make one to show you how.

If you haven't got the score board / diagonal plate, and want to know more click here, to order, please just visit my order page and I'd be glad to help you make scoring easier. 

Happy crafting

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