Saturday, 21 July 2012

The case of the exploding box

Another first, an exploding box, this is the first time and I've done instructions as I have gone along.

3 sheets 12x12" cardstock to make the box - I used coordinating blues for mine.
1 sheet of cardstock for the lid trimmed down to 7x7"
Patterned paper (raid the scrap box!)
Strong double sided tape, the red sticky tape from SU

Step 1: Trimming
Trim your three sheets of 12x12 as follows:
1 - 8¼ x 8¼"  (21cm square)
2 - 8 5/8 x 8 5/8"  (22cm square)
3 - 9 x 9" (22.9cm square)

So you have three sheets of cardstock that look like this

Step 2: Scoring

Score sheet 1 (the smallest) at 2.75 and 5.5" on each side

Score sheet 2 (the middle size) at 2 7/8 and 5.75" on each side

Finally sheet 3 (the biggest) at 3" and 6" (no picture of this one).

Step 3: Cutting
On all the sheets, cut off the corners as shown

Once you've trimmed down the sheets, give them a good crease with your bone folder and you can ink the edges and shape the corners if you so wish.

Step 4: layering & sticking

To stick the bits down I have stuck very sticky tape onto the smallest and next sized up on the back.  Stick them down onto the larger piece and you are ready to decorate your box.

Step 5: the lid

Diagonal score at 2.25" - 3.5" and 4.75" and a straight score down from centre at 3.5" to the middle score mark.

Fold at the 3.5" crease into the middle on opposite sides

 Then fold again into the middle at the 2.25 crease

Next comes to the folding and tucking in. You have to tuck the 'ears' under the flap, (if you've not done this before you might have to have a bit of trial and error like I did to get them tucked in)

Repeat on the other side and then you should end up with a lid.

Now all you need to do is decorate the insides and the lid too if you want.  I've run out of time to finish this off tonight but I hope you can see the effect that the exploding box has.

Happy crafting!


The week is nearly over...

My week's holiday is drawing to an end, Brian has successfully finished the 96th Nijmegan 4 day March and will be home today. 40,630 people started the march on Tuesday, on Friday, 38,144 finished. Brian along with two sergeant cadets are among those who now have earned an officially recognised medal. I think he may need to sleep for a week when he is home and not sure what the state of his feet are in!

School is also over, Genny had her year 6 leavers' assembly yesterday.  Managed to sit through it with dry eyes although did get a lump in the throat a couple of times.  She has now ended her time at Astley and moves on to secondary school in September.  We hope that she continues to do well as she has done at primary :)

I was going to add in making an exploding book into this post but I'm going to do a fresh one so it doesn't get mixed in with home stuff.  If you see over on the left I have put in some links to things I have made where I have instructions. 

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Stepper Compartment Box

This is another 'thing' that I have had on my to do list (also known as a round-to-it). I first saw this on Splitcoaststampers. Now that Stampin' Up! have their new diagonal plate to go with their Simply Scored plate, it has made making these so much easier. Being a bit of a dreary time, and my endeavours to make something while I am on my week holiday, it's time to have a go. If you would like a full pdf tutorial, head over to Kirsteen. I've followed her instructions to make mine :) This is great for using scraps.

1 - sheet of 5 x 11.25" cardstock (I trimmed down a piece of A4)
10 - pieces of patterned paper trimmed to 4.75 x 2"
1 - piece of cardstock trimmed to 7" square
6 - 2" square piece of patterned paper
4 - pieces of 6" square cardstock for the boxes inside

Scoring board and the diagonal plate if you have one.  Very sticky tape (the red sticky strip is good for this), other glue and something to crease if you haven't got a bone folder.

Step 1:
Score the 5 x 11.25 piece of cardstock at the following intervals:
2.25" - 4.5" - 6.75" - 9"

Crease the folds and adhere the 4.75 x 2" papers between your score marks on the front and back.

Step 2: compartments

You are going to do this for each of the four compartment boxes using the 6" square pieces of cardstock:

1. Diagonal score - on each side score at 1.5", 3" and 4.5"

2. Using the score board without the diagonal plate, score down to the middle square at 3" on each side of your pieces of cardstock.

Step 3: Folding the boxes

1. Fold opposite corners into the middle, then fold the outside edge again into the middle.

 You then have to fold like below, tucking in the corners under the flap (hope that makes sense!).

Once the compartment boxes are made, I pop a piece of the 2" square patterned paper inside to finish it off.

Step 4: the lid

The process for the lid is the same as that of the boxes, but the diagonal score marks that you do on each side are:

1.75" - 3.5" - 5.25"

Then fold to make the lid.

So you now have, one lid, 4 compartments and the 'wrap'.

Step 5: the putting together bit

Stick one of the compartments on the bottom of the wrap and then space the other three compartments (as shown).  I used the really sticky red strip tape for this as you need a good firm adhesive.

All being well, it should fold up, you pop the lid on (decorated as you so desire) and ta-dah.

Thanks again to Kirsteen for doing the pdf tutorial which enabled me to make one to show you how.

If you haven't got the score board / diagonal plate, and want to know more click here, to order, please just visit my order page and I'd be glad to help you make scoring easier. 

Happy crafting


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meander Book on a Tuesday

I've got a week's holiday, Brian has gone off to Nijmegan to take part in the 96th four day march with other members of the RAF Norfolk & Suffolk Wing.  He left on Friday from Bury St Edmunds, arriving in Holland on Saturday morning.  Hopefully the weather is going to be kind as they are doing a fair bit of walking for the four days - 25 miles a day if you want to know!  Day one is done, his day started at 4am this morning with kick off at 4.30am. It has been raining!

I'm figuring that during the day I can get some crafting done, this as yet hasn't happened until today!  So, scoring board, trimmer and scissors in gear, I have been wanting to make one of these meander books for ages and today is the day that I have gotten down to doing something crafty.  I'll show how to make it as I go along as I have the 'instructions' scrawled on a piece of paper from when I found one made on Splitcoaststampers.

Ready, here we go....

All you need is:
One piece of 12x12" patterned paper/cardstock
For the cover, two pieces of 3.25 x 3.25" cardstock for the front and back, and one 2x3" which will be the spine
Papers etc to decorate (cut to 3x3" or just use your scraps)

First, using your scoreboard (ruler or whatever you use) score at 3", 6" and 9"

Turn your paper by 90 degrees and score again at 3", 6" and 9".

Now you are going to cut your paper as follows, I used my trimmer for this part.

At the 3" score mark cut up from 3" to the top

Next: from the bottom at the 6" score mark, cut up to the 9" score mark

Finally, at the 9" score mark,  cut from the 3" score mark up to the top.

Now to start folding:

Start folding accordian style, I gave the edges a good crease as I went along. 

When you get to the end turn and fold under the next side and then continue to fold. 

 Again, when you get to the end, fold  under and continue until you are all done.

You then have to get it the 'right' way up (although I guess it is up to you what way you do this bit).  I have mine this way and then punched some of the tops to create some pockets for tags.

I stuck down my pockets and pages and then decorated them using some of the Everyday Enchantment papers (get them before the go again!), trimmed down to 3" x 3"

To finish off, I made the cover using the two pieces of 3.25 x 3.25" cardstock and the 2x3" I used for the spine. As I wasn't quite sure how thick the spine would be once I had all the papers inside, I just measured it up once I had done and scored it so that it had a nice crease.

Let me know if you have a go at making one too :)  They're also called maze books if you want to go check the web for more.

Happy crafting :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Baker's Twine Promo

We all like something for free right?

Well, Genny has had a good end of school report with several 'H' marks (Higher than expected) and not only that she has over achieved in her SATs in the majority of her tests, achieving three 5s and one 4. So, I'm a happy bunny and for my treat, if you place an order of £20 or more (excluding p&p*) then you can choose one of the baker's twine packs from the selection in the summer mini. 

If you want to get another freebie, order £45 or more (excluding p&*) then you also get the Everyday Enchantment ribbon and brad pack - as Genny would say "wicked".

On the home front, I took some Guides down to London on Saturday 7 July (with one of my mum helpers), we had a fab day, albeit I have now shot my hip and my back is unhappy so back to the 'bone' doctor about that.  

We were on the 6.30am train down to London and went first class - that was a cool treat for the girls and us grown ups!.  Got to ICANDO London HQ just after 9am having negotiated a closed circle line.  Thankfully, having spent a few years working in London yonks ago I could get us around by tube and using foot power.  We saw Buckingham Palace, had lunch outside on the green opposite, got wet, on the way back to Liverpool St had a pit stop at St Pauls and then at Liverpool St, McDonalds decided to be under refurbishment so we had another walk down to the McDs at London Wall.  

Home just after 11pm and then fell into bed, had what I termed jet lag on Sunday and now cursing a hip that is not happy as well as a back that is just as annoying!

  p&p is a set rate of £4.95 - orders are paid upfront and delivered to you by UPS.
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