Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday 10 June - paper play

I've been playing along with some friends and have, so far, made a tag and a mini book.  As soon as I find my photos (tidied them up somewhere!) I'll finish off the book!

First thing I made was a tag.  This had to have specific ingredients which involved me hunting out some eyelash fibers and digging out the tub of eyelets, no idea when I last used an eyelet!

The ingredient list: to use brown, turquoise and pink.  Use a decorative punch, eyelets, brads, buttons, ink and eyelash fibres.  Much fun had in finding some of the stuff, I hardly use fibres and so my fibre box lives on a top shelf, thankfully (or is that sad) there is some eyelash fibres in there!!

The next play along has been making a mini flip album.  This is really fun to make, I did get the ribbon the wrong way round on the right hand flap but managed to rescue that and stick it so the album could actually be tied up.

 The instructions on how to make this can be found here.

And, yesterday, thankfully the weather held up as I went to the Guide Anglia region Training and Activity Centre (TAC) at Hautbois with some of my guides.  The girls did some kayaking and archery.  Kayaking was great fun, and I did get in a kayak as well.  Some of the girls - well the majority really - got wet, a couple got really wet ;)  I managed to come away just with wet knees!  

I imagine that they never would have thought that they would end up standing up in their kayak to say their name and act out their hobby nor would they have imagined crawling on their knees to the tip of their kayak to give it an eskimo kiss (to give thanks to the kayaking gods!) - one did get wet doing that!  (they were rafted up when doing the standing up and kissing!).  Thanks go to Dan and Liam for keeping the girls safe.

Archery was just as fun, I did manage to get a few arrows in to the round circle thing (and in the yellow centre bit too!) and probably had just as much fun as the girls :)  It's a real shame that no-one has come forward to come every week to help me out at Guides we get up to some great things.

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