Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What a Wednesday!

The day kicked off with a phone call from Morgan's school at 8:15am, he had hurt his foot last night and had an ice pack and this morning it was swollen so he needed a trip to the A&E.  School were going to try and get him there but we got a phone call at around 11:15am - at the time we were in Tesco's at Dereham having a coffee - our Wednesday treat.

So, it was finish that up and then head off to go get Morgan to trundle him to the A&E.  It wasn't too bad a wait, we were there around an hour, his foot underwent some prodding, poking and bending of toes.  An x-ray was decided against as the result would have been the same in that his foot would be strapped up but the doctor (from the prodding and poking and bending) has said he has a broken toe.  He is now strapped up and seeing that his school finishes tomorrow, Morgan has finished today.  He has to keep off his foot and has a four week curfew on doing much with it in terms of contact sport.  Seeing his school were going our walking tomorrow, it makes sense he came home today - it's a bit of a treat for us adults :)

Other things going on in the Keerie household include. Going to bed last night and finding a drawing on my bedside table by Ben.  A flower for mummy, isn't it just so cute.

In respect of the above mentioned Ben, his wobbly tooth finally jumped ship and so he now has the endearing term of "gappy". The tooth fairy came, despite Ben having to find his tooth from somewhere safe, had to explain that the fairy only checks under pillows ;)

Last week at Guides, I took the girls to Doodlepots in Holt.  As we had a donation from the late Beryl Cozens-Hardy I thought it would be great if the girls could benefit from the donation by making something special.  So, they decorated some plates with the stipulation that it had something to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  I made a plate too and here is my effort.  The Guide is in honor of Genny so it celebrates her being part of Guiding during the Jubilee.

And, here's Genny's plate.

Sad to say though that, despite my endeavours, it looks like the unit will be closing at the end of the school summer term.  Ads in the local magazines, on the radio and in other places like Gumtree have resulted in no-one in the community coming forward to help out on a permanent basis - as the only adult leader, if I am poorly, household emergency etc, then there will be no meetings.  I must thank those mums that have helped on parent rotas but I have had to cancel meetings as there has been no other adult help.  I find it rather sad for the girls (and for those that are in brownies and rainbows) that no one else in the community wants to come along and help on a permanent basis so that I can keep it going.  I guess what makes me sadder is that I am not what you call a 'local' only having been in the community since 2007, I volunteered as a unit helper, and ended up going into uniform  after a few weeks to keep the unit going back in 2010. I think running it on my own for the past 18 months has finally gotten to me!  Anyway, mini rant over!

Finally, must say thank you to the weather for the glorious sunshine we have had these past few days.  It's nice to get out of the office at work and head down to the sea for a stroll.  

And the blossom on one of my apple trees has these....

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