Saturday, 26 May 2012

May - Summer Sun

Yay, some sunshine and it's hot! Sadly though, I have my TMA to get shot of and so have spent most of the morning procrastinating about it (doing laundry, sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen...)  but I am now at 570 words out of 1500 so things are moving.  Not quite sure what my tutor with make of it but I am making the effort! 

I'm back on Slimming World, I've got to get my butt into gear and get rid of the unwanted little blighters (aka pounds), just 7lbs to begin with for my next milestone.  So this morning, it was cinnamon toast with some blueberries and a teeny bit of honey (1syn).  Very filling and I must have some lunch as I've just had a yoghurt since breakfast. There are quite a few recipes in this month's magazine so I am feeling inspired.

The garden is looking lush, and the apple blossom is on all the trees, we've got a couple of eaters and the big cooker which was here when we moved in.  So, I am hoping that come fruit fall there are going to be loads - especially of the eating ones as I do like them fresh of the tree (it's a childhood thing).

Stampin' Up! is going good, just got to Bronze 2 so a little happy dance there.  I've also now got a name for my team, 'The Rosettes'.  I was inspired by the new scoring board and all the rosettes I have been making!!!  If you want to become a Rosette too, just drop me a line :)

What else, signed up to go to a retreat in February 2013 - Creative HeArt & Soul by the fabulous Deborah Nicholas - she's an author too now you know.  Brian has nothing in on the dates so I have nabbed them.  I have to be quick these days as RAF activities are quite evident in our home diary.

Well, I hope to get making stuff again soon, OU has been taking up some time, been poorly, and, I would to rejig the craft area so keep finding myself wandering around the virtual aisles of Ikea :)  I seriously need to have a sort out of stuff that I thought I would use but haven't and so, why have I still got it!

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