Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What a Wednesday!

The day kicked off with a phone call from Morgan's school at 8:15am, he had hurt his foot last night and had an ice pack and this morning it was swollen so he needed a trip to the A&E.  School were going to try and get him there but we got a phone call at around 11:15am - at the time we were in Tesco's at Dereham having a coffee - our Wednesday treat.

So, it was finish that up and then head off to go get Morgan to trundle him to the A&E.  It wasn't too bad a wait, we were there around an hour, his foot underwent some prodding, poking and bending of toes.  An x-ray was decided against as the result would have been the same in that his foot would be strapped up but the doctor (from the prodding and poking and bending) has said he has a broken toe.  He is now strapped up and seeing that his school finishes tomorrow, Morgan has finished today.  He has to keep off his foot and has a four week curfew on doing much with it in terms of contact sport.  Seeing his school were going our walking tomorrow, it makes sense he came home today - it's a bit of a treat for us adults :)

Other things going on in the Keerie household include. Going to bed last night and finding a drawing on my bedside table by Ben.  A flower for mummy, isn't it just so cute.

In respect of the above mentioned Ben, his wobbly tooth finally jumped ship and so he now has the endearing term of "gappy". The tooth fairy came, despite Ben having to find his tooth from somewhere safe, had to explain that the fairy only checks under pillows ;)

Last week at Guides, I took the girls to Doodlepots in Holt.  As we had a donation from the late Beryl Cozens-Hardy I thought it would be great if the girls could benefit from the donation by making something special.  So, they decorated some plates with the stipulation that it had something to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  I made a plate too and here is my effort.  The Guide is in honor of Genny so it celebrates her being part of Guiding during the Jubilee.

And, here's Genny's plate.

Sad to say though that, despite my endeavours, it looks like the unit will be closing at the end of the school summer term.  Ads in the local magazines, on the radio and in other places like Gumtree have resulted in no-one in the community coming forward to help out on a permanent basis - as the only adult leader, if I am poorly, household emergency etc, then there will be no meetings.  I must thank those mums that have helped on parent rotas but I have had to cancel meetings as there has been no other adult help.  I find it rather sad for the girls (and for those that are in brownies and rainbows) that no one else in the community wants to come along and help on a permanent basis so that I can keep it going.  I guess what makes me sadder is that I am not what you call a 'local' only having been in the community since 2007, I volunteered as a unit helper, and ended up going into uniform  after a few weeks to keep the unit going back in 2010. I think running it on my own for the past 18 months has finally gotten to me!  Anyway, mini rant over!

Finally, must say thank you to the weather for the glorious sunshine we have had these past few days.  It's nice to get out of the office at work and head down to the sea for a stroll.  

And the blossom on one of my apple trees has these....


Saturday, 26 May 2012

May - Summer Sun

Yay, some sunshine and it's hot! Sadly though, I have my TMA to get shot of and so have spent most of the morning procrastinating about it (doing laundry, sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen...)  but I am now at 570 words out of 1500 so things are moving.  Not quite sure what my tutor with make of it but I am making the effort! 

I'm back on Slimming World, I've got to get my butt into gear and get rid of the unwanted little blighters (aka pounds), just 7lbs to begin with for my next milestone.  So this morning, it was cinnamon toast with some blueberries and a teeny bit of honey (1syn).  Very filling and I must have some lunch as I've just had a yoghurt since breakfast. There are quite a few recipes in this month's magazine so I am feeling inspired.

The garden is looking lush, and the apple blossom is on all the trees, we've got a couple of eaters and the big cooker which was here when we moved in.  So, I am hoping that come fruit fall there are going to be loads - especially of the eating ones as I do like them fresh of the tree (it's a childhood thing).

Stampin' Up! is going good, just got to Bronze 2 so a little happy dance there.  I've also now got a name for my team, 'The Rosettes'.  I was inspired by the new scoring board and all the rosettes I have been making!!!  If you want to become a Rosette too, just drop me a line :)

What else, signed up to go to a retreat in February 2013 - Creative HeArt & Soul by the fabulous Deborah Nicholas - she's an author too now you know.  Brian has nothing in on the dates so I have nabbed them.  I have to be quick these days as RAF activities are quite evident in our home diary.

Well, I hope to get making stuff again soon, OU has been taking up some time, been poorly, and, I would to rejig the craft area so keep finding myself wandering around the virtual aisles of Ikea :)  I seriously need to have a sort out of stuff that I thought I would use but haven't and so, why have I still got it!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday ramblings...

I do believe my craft space is feeling a bit neglected.  I am in the middle of making a box but with a poorly person in the house today, I'm not getting very far.  I also have my next Open University essay to knock on the head (that's not going very well!) I am making copious notes and hope that I will have that light bulb moment and the notes will (miraculously) turn into an essay that will not be pages of waffle!

Anyway, whilst I have been procrastinating, here's an idea though that I may have more luck in getting on with.  Do you have piles and piles (boxes even) of scraps.  Those little pieces of paper that you look at, can't bear to throw away and think that you will use one day.  I have!  In fact I do believe that I have way too many scraps.  Well, now is the time to get those scraps out of the scrap box.  On the ILWS forum, a link was given to a rather fab idea.  I don't even want to go to the place(s) where sheets of 12x12 are lurking, you count them up (ha, no way!) then multiply by six - so this gives you how many cards you can get out of a sheet.  Can you see where this is going!  Are you in the same boat as me and have scraps that are just growing and growing - I do wonder how old my oldest piece scrap paper is (but I don't think I want to go there either!).

So, watch Sandy and see what you can do with your scraps.

You can also check out the blog post here.  I'm going to be on a mission, not sure how long it will take though!!

Next, do you love ribbons?

At the request of customers who want ribbon but don't want a full roll, I will be putting together some ribbon packs.  

I'm starting with the scallop dots ribbon.  This ribbon is 1.3cm wide and comes in 10 fabulous colours.  It has been printed with little white polka dots on one side and the edges are delicately scalloped with pinholes.  A great addition to your crafting supplies.

The colours for this ribbon are:
basic black
cherry cobbler
chocolate chip
elegant eggplant
marina mist
melon mambo
more mustard
old olive
pretty in pink
tangerine tango

The cost for the pack is just £9.00 and includes delivery.  I've added an order page here on my blog (for anything you may wish to order from the catalogues etc not just for the ribbons) or you can just email me. I will start shipping this ribbon pack on 1 June.

Enjoy your day,


Monday, 14 May 2012

Busy Bunny

I didn't get around to posting my weekend exploits so here we are I've settled down with a cup of coffee to get some blogging done!

I had an early start (for me) on Saturday, getting up at 6am all I can say was it was a lovely sunny morning as I headed down to Duxford for the Anglia Guiding region members day aptly named 'taking off with Girlguiding Anglia'.  Travelling down with fellow Guiders it certainly made the trip down more enjoyable.  

We had half of a huge hanger to play in, which is quite impressive when the scenery included some rather large planes!  Rosie, our region Chief Commissioner had a few words and then we were joined by our Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe.  Then, it was activities, I made a bath bomb and after the lunch break went and joined a group where we looked at coming out of our comfort zones as Guiders.  Both of these activities were great fun and I came away with ideas and also a decision on the future of myself and my current unit.  More of that another day.

What a great view eh!  This photo on the right is what was in the other side of the hanger - which is also where Concorde is.

 I also picked up a new fleece :)  pretty neat huh.

I was going to do some crafting on Sunday, but, well was a bit pooped after the long day of Saturday and so not quite sure what I did, apart from do a great job of looking like a vegetable (couch potato).  I did manage to get on with my OU course books (not far) but am a bit stuck on the next TMA, I am in need of tutorial notes as I have no idea where to start with this one.

Anyway, tonight - yes, Monday night - and having got a latest SU demo magazine, there is a fab card in it, so as I only have to swivel from 'mac desk' to 'craft desk' I have done this quickly using up some scraps of paper that are (still) lying around.

A piece of soft suede cardstock stamped with kraft ink pad using the sentiment from the apothecary stamp set from the summer mini.  Large scallop punch, fancy flower punch and circle punch and used some of the new bakers twine.  And, a piece of the ribbon punch that was going to go in the scraps pot.  Less than 10 minutes I guess and it was done.

A4 soft suede cardstock 119982 £6.25 (pk 24 sheets)
Apothecary stamps clear 125537 £24.95
Bakers twine pool party 125574 £2.50
Lace ribbon border punch 122362 £18.25
Fancy flower punch 118073 £15.50
1 1/4" circle punch 119861£14.25
Kraft ink pad 101731 £7.25

DSP scraps / Scallop punch no longer available (spring mini)

Also pleased to report that operation get rid of the excess pounds is back on track.  I've been eating rubbish, well not exactly rubbish, just too much bread and stuff that I didn't really need to eat that was really high in carbs (!chocolate!) for the past few weeks and gained some unwanted pounds.  Anyway, back on plan and three pounds have gone walkies (again), so nearly back to where I was a few weeks ago! If I can maintain a consistent loss then in 6 weeks I will be at my first goal.

It's also SATs week for the girl in the house, so we have told her just to do her best, we can't ask for more than that and her new bed came today, so even though she wasn't overly excited about SATs, she is mega happy that she has her new bed!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Summer in a pot!

Today has once again been one of those Wednesdays where time has flown!  A trip into Watton, then to Dereham (and a huge Costa latte, the one that come in their potty mugs!) to get some groceries, home, then it was soon time to do the school run!  My planned making of stuff didn't really happen until late this evening.

The latest SU demo mag has a great card in it and I have done a spin off from it which first involved trimming down a piece of rich razzleberry and getting it wet, scrunching it up and then flattening it out again.  

I've used some of the soft suede for the backing which I have embossed.  Punched a scallop circle and chopped it in half, using a scrap of twitterpated dsp.  Added some baker's twine, ribbon (I love the dotty grosgrain) and a bow made using satin ribbon.  Stamped on some old olive in rich razzleberry and then cut that out with a framelit.  Oh, and I have done a bit of stamping on the soft suede just at the top left corner and at the bottom.  Then it's all mounted on a card and ready to go!

I'm getting some of the scented embossing powder, I don't really do much embossing but with the introduction of some 'smelly' powders, I thought, well, I've got to try these.  They've made them in three different 'flavours', vanilla, melon and cherry and coordinate nicely with the mouthwatering stamp set.  These form part of the new product suite in the summer mini, called sweet shop, so we also have some super dsp to match, mustn't forget the jelly bean brads as well!

So, there ends my Wednesday, well kind of, I've got course books to read!


Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday, Monday, love a holiday Monday...

Here in the UK it is Bank Holiday Monday, for me, this means having a clear up after the past few days crafting activities, not sure where my desk is under all the bits of paper!  I'm going to have to clear out my scraps box as well (under the table, hidden out of sight!). 

Before I tackle the table (have another coffee), I've put together a little promotion for the new SU baker's twine.  I've used it a few times now, I found it really easy to sew with when I made this card.

If you've not yet had a chance to peruse the new summer mini, SU have bought in some lovely baker's twine in 4 fabulous colours plus white (which you can ink up yourself if you so wish).  At £2.50 for approx 22.9m of twine I am doing a special promotion whereby you can purchase all 6 for £19.20 which includes UPS delivery to your door.

6 packs baker's twine

If you want to order anything else, email me with your list and I will let you know the total required. Why not take advantage of this offer and order the new scoring board and the diagonal plate, yours today only for £33.95 when you purchase the baker's twine (total £53.15).  You can still order anything else and take advantage of this pricing, but email me with your order rather than clicking the buy now buttons :)
Bakers twine, scoring board & diagonal plate
At some point, we need to make a trip to Ikea, first we need some new sofas but we need to rearrange our crafting area, what with Brian now into modelling (airplanes!) and my crafting, he is utilising what was once the dining room table!  I have an old desk that really is ok for a desk but for practicality, it's not very good, it's only got two little drawers which I have managed to stuff with 'stuff'.  So, I need (want might be a better word) some of these...

Better get that lottery ticket (well you never know, might get lucky one day).  I can't tidy up just yet, my little fella is making something.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

ILWS Birthday Weekend 4-6 May 2012

ILWS is 4 years old and I have been playing along with some of the challenges.  I've got one done (albeit I am starting this a bit late!).  Challenge 1 and we have a sketch to play with.

Here is my take on it, I didn't use it for a scrapbook page, downsized it to make a card, I hope you like it :)

And here is the sketch.

As I work my way through the challenges, I'll be updating this post.  So, on that note, I am moving on to challenge number 2 which is '4x4' the challenge is to use elements in groups of 4. 


Here is my card for the second challenge, 4x4:

Four patterned papers, four stamps on four different colours of cardstock using four different colours of ink pad.  To finish up, 4 gems.

Challenge 3 - using a song as inspiration.  You may not have heard it, then again you may well have, Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts".  Genny gives it a good run for the money (sometimes I catch her jumping around on the trampoline, MP3 player plugged in her ears, singing to the full capacity of her lungs.  Anyway, here you go, a jar of hearts.  As I don't have a stamp for a jar, I had to draw one myself, hope you don't think it is totally pants.  At least I have the SU heart punch for the hearts!

Challenge 4 - inspiration

This one was based on a photo of a bedroom (Next)

What pinged out at me was, not only the flowers, but the colours and this is what I came up with, the new twitterpated dsp was shouting to be used!  I'm giving the scallop trim border punch a run for its money too.

I had chance to get one more done, ILWS popped a challenge on their facebook page.  This was a colour challenge and I went red and white and had another play with the candy wrapper BigzL die, lace ribbon and scallop punches:

On another note, I have decided to move over to Folksy rather than Etsy.  I have so many cards stockpiling I have decided to list them on Folksy and they can be sent somewhere to be loved by someone else! You can find my Folksy store here - I also have a static link here on my blog.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cascading Card

Ok, so I have trawled and found a video on how to make a cascading card, the one I found is done by Chris at Calla Lily Studio, you can go check it out here

In the meantime, I've had another go from the one I made earlier and created a step by step tutorial on what I have done!

All you need is one sheet of 12x12 cardstock.

Mark  5 1/2" down on the left hand side and 2 1/2" on the right hand side, you can work from the top or the bottom for this, it doesn't matter.

 On the piece that is left, trim it at 4" so you have a (rectangle), the piece on the right of the picture forms the other half of your cascading card.

 You should end up with two pieces like so

Now you are going to have to draw a line on each piece of card, at the taller edge you need a mark that is 2 3/4" up and the right a mark that is 1 1/4" up.  Draw a feint line to join these marks - you can rub them out later.

Next, scoring time.

Using your scoring board, score at 2", 4" 8" and 10" at the 6" mark rather than scoring, draw a line in pencil at this point.  Do this on each half.

Cutting time

Taking one piece, cut up from the 2" score to the centre line, and do the same at the 10" score.

At the 6" mark on this piece, cut down to the centre line.

On the other piece, you are going to cut the opposite side to what you have just done at the centre line the 2" and 10" scores so you can slot the pieces together.

Erase your pencil lines, and slot the pieces together.  Before I did that, I punched the top edge with the scallop trim border punch.  Then just decorate away.

I hope you have a go too and would love to see what you create, just put a comment below with a link to your creation.

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