Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Yay a sigh of relief in that my Open University, TMA02 has gone off into the realm of the electronic submission system for assignments, just got to wait now to see what my tutor things of my mutterings! So I had some vino and cracked open a kit-kat to reduce the stress level you know ;)

I got some of the new toys out to play as well, just a sneek peek mind you as the summer mini catalogue doesn't come out until 1 May. You can see the scoreboard though (and preorder if you want one!)

Oh, and I have to add a picture of Herman.  Herman is a German friendship cake and came to our house just over 10 days ago, on day 10 Herman got baked!  And, not bad I have to say, the ingredients that go in at the end were changed slightly - just chocolate chips were added!  If you want the starter recipe for your very own Herman, email me and I'll send you the ingredients on how you can start your own Herman.

Enjoy :)

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