Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday 21 April 2012

The weekend, yay, this one involves no Open University TMA, that has gone off, now just waiting for the result.  It seems that a lot of us are in the same boat, we have done it, not sure what we were doing and will see how bad (but hopefully will be surprised) with the result.  I have got the next set of books so will have to open them at some point, must check the study calendar to see if I should have opened them already!

Had a super evening last night catching up with Nick and Allison, had a headache this morning but I guess that was too many kettle chips ;) I love our conversations, hearing what they have both been up to in their worlds, comparing phones and having embroiled Allison into facebook and twitter, she now has an invite to pinterest!  Hopefully, it won't be months before our diaries are free enough to have another evening and the weather will be the kind where we can sit outside and munch on kettle chips :)

I've been prepping for the blog hop on 1 May.  Been covered in ink, glue and been sewing today.  I'm not usually one for sewing on cards or on layouts but came out of my comfort zone today to have a go.    I'm going to have to have another go at making the roses I made the other day.  The one I made is looking decidedly wonky but they say practice makes perfect so there may be hope for me yet.

I have an Ikea shopping list a mile long - billy bookcases and another expedit unit for the living/dining room, new sofa and chairs and storage units.  We have pine dressers but I am not sure about them anymore (well one of them).  Other things on the list are curtains, know which ones and they are in the Next catalogue.  The boys' room needs a curtain pole (have curtains) they are also in need of another wardrobe as the one they have the door gets stuck (it's been moved so many times it is on the tilt!). Genny's bed is ordered so anytime the door bell goes she thinks that it is her bed.  We are getting a mid sleeper and it looks rather lush.  She is having a bedroom makeover, got to get paint (not as pink) and she has seen the wallpaper she likes.  We are also sorting out the 'garden room/out house' which is more of a dumping ground at the moment.  The idea for that is that it becomes a modelling area for Brian to make up his models - that'll be a summer time thing as it's not a heated area.  The list of things to do in the house is quite long!

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