Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday 9 April 2012

I hope you've had a good bank holiday weekend, I've had my parents come up so been busy doing other things :) But, now that they are on their way back home (boo hoo), I've moved off the sofa to the craft table :)

As a demo I've got to play with the scoreboard that is being released (and available for pre-order if you want one too).  I've been making rosettes which are really easy to do.   I trimmed down some paper so that it measures 30cm wide and 1.5" in depth (sorry I use both measurements, so that just under 4cm!).

Then, at one of the ends I used some of the really sticky tape (sticky strip) and then stuck the ends together so it looks like this. 

Then you need a piece of paper/cardstock, I scallop punched mine, just so it looks pretty on the back (not that you are ever going to see it!) and using a wet glue gave it a good blob (technical term).

Then it comes to the sticking down bit, I put the rosette bit over the glued scallop and then just pressed it down and held it for a moment just so the glue and paper could get a good a grip with each other

Finally, I punched out a small circle and stuck it on the top and here you go, one rosette to join the others made with a sheet of paper from one of the packs in this month's promotion (pocketful of posies).

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