Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just doing a little bit of crafting this evening, with a glass of rose to keep me company. Brian has gone off on an RAF thing for the weekend (WARMA 2 day march, getting ready for the Nijmegan walk), kids are playing on the 'puter and are shortly off up to bed (although by the time I get this posted they should be tucked up!).

Today has been another day that has been rather wet, I let the chooks have free range of the top part of the garden, so they could go digging for worms etc.  Looking out of the window during one of the periods of rainfall they were huddled up under the trampoline, MC and Clover are having a broody stage so have been hogging the nesting bit in the egglu, I have grabbed them out of there so they can go and get some feed and have a bit of wander but they soon head back.

Some of the things I have made today...

I like the spice cake papers that came out in the spring mini, got another pack of them on order!  Also using the postmark punch also in the spring mini.  The flowers are from a stamp in the Easy Events set, I just stamped them, coloured and then punched them out. 

Added a bit of texture to this one with an embossing folder and used some new toys - more on these in May ;)

Finally, if you want anything from the spring mini, I'll be putting all orders in at 7pm on Sunday (29th), just drop me an email if I can help with your SU needs :)

Now off to see what I can find on the telly to watch, and top up the glass.  Happy Saturday y'all.

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