Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sticking on a Sunny Sunday

Spring is in the air and I am punching out owls with my nifty owl punch, I've got a little parliament of them (the collective word for lots of owls!) and guess that, rather than getting totally carried away with creating a parliament, I'd actually make something with them!!  So, I've gone and used a sheet of everyday enchantment paper, just the one sheet as it's double sided, I had been looking at it but as you know, paper is there to be used rather than stroked!  I've got enough of the sheet left to make another couple of cards I guess, and plenty of owls ;)

I've got my first Stampin' Up! 6 group starting this month, so I am looking forward to that.  Finished my first TMA for my OU Worlds of English course.  Read what I need to do for TMA02 and well, better start that sooner rather than later, it no doubt sounds worse than it is (fingers crossed).  Got an x-ray on my dodgy thumb coming up so will find out why it is being such a pain, I've the occupational therapist before I go and have the x-ray so not sure about that, surely you need to be able to see what is going on inside before you start fiddling with things? And, so far this year, gotten rid of 10lbs that I have been carrying around as extra baggage. 

Finally, the dafs are out :)

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