Sunday, 5 February 2012


It's here, February and we have snow. I don't mind the stuff, I just don't like going out in it using anything other than foot power!

Brian went out in it first this morning to open up the egglu so the girls could come out and play, not that they were that impressed with what they saw.
I've been out to see them, checked for the daily delivery and one of the orpingtons had actually laid an egg in the egglu (big clap for her, this is a first!)

One of the bluebelles had a wander whilst I was in the polytunnel to the area where they lay eggs by the bikes.  But it seemed she didn't want to do her job whilst she was being overseen so I wandered back indoors, which means me having to wait for breakfast, I need two eggs for my pancakes (carb free I may add).

Egg check number two and success, another egg so I'll be indulging in breakfast.  Took some pictures of the girls, this is the first time the new girls have seen snow.  I guess if I was a chicken I would be wishing for some wellies, they were not impressed with cold white stuff around their feet.

MC & Clover


 Clover and MC with Sheila


Speckles was not sure whether she wanted to come out and play or stay indoors!

Plans for the day include moping around, got a headcold, in between finishing off colouring in some digi images, then I will, all being well, get them really finished and turned into cards that I can take to a craft fair in a few weeks.  I must also get my head down into my Open University course books, although with the way the head is feeling, what I read may not go into the appropriate brain cells.

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