Saturday, 18 February 2012


I'm amazed that I am actually still awake!  I spent Friday night at The Dragon Hall in Norwich on a Brownie/Guide sleepover.  Genny was the only Guide from my unit who was able to go so we joined the Sheringham and Suffield Park Guides.  It was a super event, we arrived in the afternoon and after the H&S brief Queen Elizabeth I paid a visit, lots of curtsies!  Then before the festivities began, everyone had hot dogs downstairs.

First stop for us was meeting Queenie up close and she gave us an insight into her clothing, gradually taking everything off down to the shift.  Of course, back in those days Queenie would have been knickerless but our Queenie assured us that she was properly dressed!  The girls had a chance to see the clothing up close and also to try some on.  They also got other snippets of the life in Queenie's time and she even had bad teeth (not real ones but they looked 'good'!)

Then it was upstairs for some dancing, Elizabethan style.  The girls joined in with a few dances, while they were dancing around the room I took a snap of the view across the water.

 Next stop, making sweeties - making marzipan shaped sweets and then colouring with edible gold.  Once that session was over, back downstairs where the order of the evening was making ruffs.  Craft heaven for some!  Lots of glue and bling.  A face mask was also made, not sure where that is in the pile of things that came home!

Getting towards the end of the evening, around 11:30pm and it was time for hot chocolate and marshmallows then it would be off to hear the yarnsmiths and their tales.  Oh and had to find the dragon.

All in all, a good time was had.  Despite getting not a lot of sleep, some of the girls were still having chatterbox issues at 2.30am, although they did good considering some of the noise that was coming from where some other Guides were sleeping!  Was awake at 6.30-7am!  The girls mind you, they had trouble getting out of their sleeping bags at 8am where bacon rolls were on the menu for breakfast.

I did have an afternoon nap, still awake at 8.30pm but then I am making a list for the Stampin' Up! order that is nearly ready to go in, just got a couple of customers sending a cheque which didn't arrive today.  I fear that I may need a bigger basket for the punches although I have my eye on some of the Sizzix dies, sigh, too much choice!  I've been asked if I can do a ribbon club, so I need to sort that out but couldn't get my brain into gear today. 

Finally, I have made a start on my first TMA for my Open University course - I've got two paragraphs now, whoo hoo!

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