Friday, 10 February 2012


It's been a funny old week, I have had a headache for most of it, following on from a headcold last week (which lasted a day, get that!).  A full heavy metal band was playing on Tuesday, it was so bad that I had to come home from work, it's still lurking but now more of a string quartet that has loud parts now and then, guess it is something to do with the sinuses playing up a bit and hopefully, it will all tootle off into oblivion over the next couple of days.  

My planned playtime with paper and glue didn't quite come off during the week and it's taken me a couple of days to get anywhere.  I'm playing with some designer paper and stamps.  Me and MIL have a craft fair in a few weeks (which will no doubt come upon us really quickly) and, even though I have a heap of cards, you can never have too many.  I thought I'd make some simple birthday cards, using some of the green papers from the paper stack and the cupcake stamp from the easy events set.  I've stamped lots of cupcakes and will get those coloured in when the light is better, ie in the morning as it's gone 9pm.

I really like the I {heart} hearts set, just need to mount up and will, all being well in the household tomorrow, get to play with them.  I've already chosen the paper!  I've also got a shopping list going for my next SU order, the top note die is included, I have also been drooling over the fabric, not sure why really as I don't sew!

I don't think I will be venturing outside tomorrow apart from checking on the chickens, it's minus 6 out there tonight.  Brian took Genny and Ben down to the end of term school disco and the brakes were freezing up on the way home.  

I've also made a start on my first TMA for my Open University course.  A thousand words required: "To what extent is modern-day English the same language as that introduced to the British Isles one and a half millennia ago?" The start being that I am on chapter 2 of the text book!!  I know it's only the beginning and there are a few months left, but so far so good and enjoying it - hope that the pleasure continues and I'm not cursing and wondering why I started this when I am at TMA6.

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