Saturday, 4 February 2012

Getting ready....

It's a bit nippy outside, been out to check on the chickens (two eggs), check their water and their pellets and will go out again later with their treats, we want them to lay eggs in the morning not scoff kitchen treats!! The new girls are settling in, one of the bluebelles is asserting her authority on one of the cuckoo marans but Speckles is giving some back now, good for her! We're getting an egg from the bluebelles and the orpingtons are laying, they are smaller eggs at the moment as they are only pullets at the moment. Just waiting on the marans as they lay a nice chocolate coloured egg.

The change in our eating habits is going well.  So far I have said goodbye to 8lbs of weight that I never want to see again.  My trousers are loose and I may well find myself wearing a pair of size 12s, depending on the cut as I have hips!  According to my measurements (!), I have lost 2 inches off my waist since we started at the beginning of January.   As we are not eating bread, pasta etc (starchy/high carb) products, I have got some flex flaxseed to play with - I have a recipe for a muffin in a mug and flex flaxseed is carb free = result.

The UPS delivery is on it's way with my Stampin' Up! supplies, yay. I've had an enquiry for a workshop already, yay again. If you haven't yet looked at the mini catalogue, you should! SU have a jewellery line called Simply Adorned. This new product line has some great new products, chains, baubles and charms - you can wear them as well as use them in craft projects.  On thing to remember though, these are in the mini catalogue so we don't know if they are going to end up in the main catalogue.

For those that like bling we have chains in the form of a neckchain and bracelet.


To add to the chains, we have baubles.  These have lobster clasps, perfect to add to your chain and why not add them both to a project to create a lovely gift.  The baubles come in four designs, three crystal and one pearl.

Finally, charms, these have tempered glass on the front and back along with a lobster clasp.  With a locket style charm hinge you can insert art and photos to make them personalised.

And there is more, trinket crowns and trinket keys.  These come with jump rings and the lobster clips.  There are three crowns in a pack and the keys come in a pack of 4.

So you don't have to move far and go looking for the mini catalogue, just click here to be redirected.  Enjoy.

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