Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year!

One of the good things about not 'doing' Wednesdays at work is that sometimes you get to be in when deliveries arrive!

Today saw some SU customer orders arrive along with some things that fell into the basket when I put in their order.

The candy wrapper sizzix die was one of the things in the box, suffice to say that there are still some things that are in the box and not yet unwrapped/put away!  I had to have a play with it.  It's a sizzix bigz die and goes through the Cuttlebug using two 'B' plates.

Once I got it through the Cuttlebug, I went over the score lines to give them a better crease and plus it makes it a bit easier to fold, and then it came to sticking and folding time.  I used some of the Stampin' Up! sticky strip as it needs quite a firm hold.  Then we got to folding and hey presto, had a bit of a fiddle with the ends but I got there in the end :)  I expect I'll be making a few of these near Christmas time!

A couple of other things that fell into my own basket include the own punch and also I have been looking for a bigger scallop circle and this one is 2 3/8" in size, as an extra bonus, they are flat which makes them easier to store!!

Finally, a sale-a-bration set of stamps - you can get free stuff when you spend over £45 so it seemed silly not to ;)

These are the unmounted stamps so I will be sorting these out later.  I've also got the top note die to play with - small things keep me happy :)

I hope you've been enjoying your 29 February, if you want to have a shop for some Stampin' Up! products, as I am feeling happy today (nothing like playing with new craft stuff eh!) if you place an order, I am giving a 10% discount* until the end of March.


*to qualify for sale-a-bration free products, orders have to be £45 after any discount is applied.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


I'm amazed that I am actually still awake!  I spent Friday night at The Dragon Hall in Norwich on a Brownie/Guide sleepover.  Genny was the only Guide from my unit who was able to go so we joined the Sheringham and Suffield Park Guides.  It was a super event, we arrived in the afternoon and after the H&S brief Queen Elizabeth I paid a visit, lots of curtsies!  Then before the festivities began, everyone had hot dogs downstairs.

First stop for us was meeting Queenie up close and she gave us an insight into her clothing, gradually taking everything off down to the shift.  Of course, back in those days Queenie would have been knickerless but our Queenie assured us that she was properly dressed!  The girls had a chance to see the clothing up close and also to try some on.  They also got other snippets of the life in Queenie's time and she even had bad teeth (not real ones but they looked 'good'!)

Then it was upstairs for some dancing, Elizabethan style.  The girls joined in with a few dances, while they were dancing around the room I took a snap of the view across the water.

 Next stop, making sweeties - making marzipan shaped sweets and then colouring with edible gold.  Once that session was over, back downstairs where the order of the evening was making ruffs.  Craft heaven for some!  Lots of glue and bling.  A face mask was also made, not sure where that is in the pile of things that came home!

Getting towards the end of the evening, around 11:30pm and it was time for hot chocolate and marshmallows then it would be off to hear the yarnsmiths and their tales.  Oh and had to find the dragon.

All in all, a good time was had.  Despite getting not a lot of sleep, some of the girls were still having chatterbox issues at 2.30am, although they did good considering some of the noise that was coming from where some other Guides were sleeping!  Was awake at 6.30-7am!  The girls mind you, they had trouble getting out of their sleeping bags at 8am where bacon rolls were on the menu for breakfast.

I did have an afternoon nap, still awake at 8.30pm but then I am making a list for the Stampin' Up! order that is nearly ready to go in, just got a couple of customers sending a cheque which didn't arrive today.  I fear that I may need a bigger basket for the punches although I have my eye on some of the Sizzix dies, sigh, too much choice!  I've been asked if I can do a ribbon club, so I need to sort that out but couldn't get my brain into gear today. 

Finally, I have made a start on my first TMA for my Open University course - I've got two paragraphs now, whoo hoo!

Friday, 10 February 2012


It's been a funny old week, I have had a headache for most of it, following on from a headcold last week (which lasted a day, get that!).  A full heavy metal band was playing on Tuesday, it was so bad that I had to come home from work, it's still lurking but now more of a string quartet that has loud parts now and then, guess it is something to do with the sinuses playing up a bit and hopefully, it will all tootle off into oblivion over the next couple of days.  

My planned playtime with paper and glue didn't quite come off during the week and it's taken me a couple of days to get anywhere.  I'm playing with some designer paper and stamps.  Me and MIL have a craft fair in a few weeks (which will no doubt come upon us really quickly) and, even though I have a heap of cards, you can never have too many.  I thought I'd make some simple birthday cards, using some of the green papers from the paper stack and the cupcake stamp from the easy events set.  I've stamped lots of cupcakes and will get those coloured in when the light is better, ie in the morning as it's gone 9pm.

I really like the I {heart} hearts set, just need to mount up and will, all being well in the household tomorrow, get to play with them.  I've already chosen the paper!  I've also got a shopping list going for my next SU order, the top note die is included, I have also been drooling over the fabric, not sure why really as I don't sew!

I don't think I will be venturing outside tomorrow apart from checking on the chickens, it's minus 6 out there tonight.  Brian took Genny and Ben down to the end of term school disco and the brakes were freezing up on the way home.  

I've also made a start on my first TMA for my Open University course.  A thousand words required: "To what extent is modern-day English the same language as that introduced to the British Isles one and a half millennia ago?" The start being that I am on chapter 2 of the text book!!  I know it's only the beginning and there are a few months left, but so far so good and enjoying it - hope that the pleasure continues and I'm not cursing and wondering why I started this when I am at TMA6.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


It's here, February and we have snow. I don't mind the stuff, I just don't like going out in it using anything other than foot power!

Brian went out in it first this morning to open up the egglu so the girls could come out and play, not that they were that impressed with what they saw.
I've been out to see them, checked for the daily delivery and one of the orpingtons had actually laid an egg in the egglu (big clap for her, this is a first!)

One of the bluebelles had a wander whilst I was in the polytunnel to the area where they lay eggs by the bikes.  But it seemed she didn't want to do her job whilst she was being overseen so I wandered back indoors, which means me having to wait for breakfast, I need two eggs for my pancakes (carb free I may add).

Egg check number two and success, another egg so I'll be indulging in breakfast.  Took some pictures of the girls, this is the first time the new girls have seen snow.  I guess if I was a chicken I would be wishing for some wellies, they were not impressed with cold white stuff around their feet.

MC & Clover


 Clover and MC with Sheila


Speckles was not sure whether she wanted to come out and play or stay indoors!

Plans for the day include moping around, got a headcold, in between finishing off colouring in some digi images, then I will, all being well, get them really finished and turned into cards that I can take to a craft fair in a few weeks.  I must also get my head down into my Open University course books, although with the way the head is feeling, what I read may not go into the appropriate brain cells.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Getting ready....

It's a bit nippy outside, been out to check on the chickens (two eggs), check their water and their pellets and will go out again later with their treats, we want them to lay eggs in the morning not scoff kitchen treats!! The new girls are settling in, one of the bluebelles is asserting her authority on one of the cuckoo marans but Speckles is giving some back now, good for her! We're getting an egg from the bluebelles and the orpingtons are laying, they are smaller eggs at the moment as they are only pullets at the moment. Just waiting on the marans as they lay a nice chocolate coloured egg.

The change in our eating habits is going well.  So far I have said goodbye to 8lbs of weight that I never want to see again.  My trousers are loose and I may well find myself wearing a pair of size 12s, depending on the cut as I have hips!  According to my measurements (!), I have lost 2 inches off my waist since we started at the beginning of January.   As we are not eating bread, pasta etc (starchy/high carb) products, I have got some flex flaxseed to play with - I have a recipe for a muffin in a mug and flex flaxseed is carb free = result.

The UPS delivery is on it's way with my Stampin' Up! supplies, yay. I've had an enquiry for a workshop already, yay again. If you haven't yet looked at the mini catalogue, you should! SU have a jewellery line called Simply Adorned. This new product line has some great new products, chains, baubles and charms - you can wear them as well as use them in craft projects.  On thing to remember though, these are in the mini catalogue so we don't know if they are going to end up in the main catalogue.

For those that like bling we have chains in the form of a neckchain and bracelet.


To add to the chains, we have baubles.  These have lobster clasps, perfect to add to your chain and why not add them both to a project to create a lovely gift.  The baubles come in four designs, three crystal and one pearl.

Finally, charms, these have tempered glass on the front and back along with a lobster clasp.  With a locket style charm hinge you can insert art and photos to make them personalised.

And there is more, trinket crowns and trinket keys.  These come with jump rings and the lobster clips.  There are three crowns in a pack and the keys come in a pack of 4.

So you don't have to move far and go looking for the mini catalogue, just click here to be redirected.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Finished it!

I've finished it, the book that I started back in November is now finished.  Spent some of the day doing it and have used the photos that I took from when my aunt, uncle and cousin visited from Canada last April!!  

It's made using a 7gypsies journal and I made a start when I went to A Trip Down Memory Lane's retreat in November, so not too bad, just under three months to get it finished eh!

When my family came visiting they had just a short time here in Norfolk so we crammed in a trip to Norwich on one day.  Took them to the cathedral and shopping.  Day 2, I took them into Cromer, so we went to the pier and right to the end so they could get a look at a lifeboat.  A jaunt around the town and then into Mary Jane's for some good old English fish and chips.  On the way back home, we stopped in Aylsham at Blickling Hall - much of the album is of the Hall. 

The pages can be split and when you do that you can open them up - and get more photos in!

All in all, it was fun putting it together and I had to open up some of the pages to get all the photos in :)

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