Sunday, 8 January 2012

Operation declutter 2012

First happy new year, although a bit late but the wish is there :)

We are decluttering in 2012.  Initial stage of decluttering is to declutter our bodies.  We (me and Brian) are on operation reduce the BMI.  As I had success on Slimming World and we have both had success on Atkins (many moons ago) we are doing a combination of Slimming World original (red) combined with Atkins ie reducing our carbs.  I must say that having started last Monday, this week I have felt an improvement in the body in terms of not feeling bloated and also not feeling as hungry between meals.  We have been eating meat and fresh veg (that you can have on the initial induction week with Atkins). Don't feel at all deprived, as in not missing bread, potatoes etc.  Knocking back the water and not had any real effects of cutting the carbs apart from a headache for a couple of days, not had one since.  We stand on the scales tomorrow morning, but I know that I have lost some pounds, I can get my jeans on and off without having to undo them {result}.

This evening I got the Zumba 2 out of the box, then had to have a go, spur of the moment thing, love it, Genny joined in and we did a full class/short class.  But, it is not good doing it in jeans, had to go peel them off afterwards so the spur of the moment should have had the brain telling me to go change into my zumba wear.  On that note, classes start back on Tuesday (I think), can't wait to get back, who thought that getting some exercise was so much fun.

Guides are back on Thursday, will see what the girls have on their idea list as I am stuck for them at the moment, Guide mojo gone walkies!  There are two things on the agenda though, we have our world thinking day event (in February), the district event is being based on the olympics so we are the Philippines and have a 10 minute activity to plan - I was thinking of perhaps making something using sea shells (got to source them to do it) but will see what the girls can come up with.  I've also booked a visit to London HQ at ICANDO in July - a badge event, a long day, but should be fun.  

I've gone though the craft piles, sorted out books and stuff.  Waited for eBay to have one of their free weekends and this happened this weekend so I as part of operation declutter, I have got several things that I hope will go off to a new home at the end of next week.  I even managed to get some paper packs listed - I've had several attempts but they always went back in the drawer, but I am being kinda ruthless - there are some things that I'm not ready to part with just yet :) 

As to making stuff, nada nada.  Just a mess on my craft table sorting out the abundance of prima flowers which are now in one tub and, well, not exactly sure but it is a mess and I haven't even made something, unless you call making a mess a form of art :)

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