Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday, Sunday..

Panto day today - all being well with the weather - and a thank you to Allison who has kindly offered to act as a personal taxi service back and forth to the Panto at Sheringham tonight for Dick Whittington and his cat.  Genny has been ready since I got up asking how long it was before we went!

We had a flurry of white stuff, aka snow, this morning at one point it looked like it was going to stay but at this moment in time there is zilch.  

I was just going to pop out and check on the chooks to see if they had headed off to bed, saw the sky and thought, gosh, got to get a picture of that!  It is very pretty but also has that air of foreboding but whatever is contained in those clouds can float away somewhere else, or at least until after 8.30pm when we should all be firmly back indoors.

As to the car, the hire car place never phoned back yesterday and when I tried to call them there were shut, so, no car to get to work first thing on Monday morning.  But, first thing Monday morning a telephone call will be made!  Today though, the 'other side' called, their aim to make things better!  Not sure what that means unless a new car turns up on the doorstep!

And, I am making something, on the way to making my first stepper card!

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